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Short on time, but still want to stay in-the-know? Our monthly newsletters give you all the most important updates so you can stay up-to-date year-round!

March 2024 Newsletter

March 2024 Newsletter

Midterm season is here! As we move towards the middle of second semester, midterms are fast approaching. For those student’s graduating this year and applying to OUAC, the deadlines for submitting midterm marks are coming up and it’s important for students to know when they have to have their work submitted to make sure their marks are ready in time.

February 2024 Newsletter

As we start heading towards Spring, senior students are starting to feel the pressure of completing high school, sending in records to go with their post-secondary applications, and preparing to graduate. With that in mind, this newsletter contains important information for senior students who are university bound next year!

December 2023 Newsletter

December 2023 Newsletter

With the end of the calendar year approaching, it’s time to reflect on the year that has past, while also looking forward to what’s ahead.

If you still need a course to be completed before the end of the school semester, or you need to sign up for a course for your university or college applications, with OVS you can start or continue working on courses throughout the holiday season.

November 2023 Newsletter

November 2023 Newsletter

As we enter the winter months, many senior students are gearing up for submitting their post-secondary applications and making sure they have what they need to not only apply for post-secondary programs but ensure that they meet all of their graduation requirements as well.

In this newsletter we’ll touch on some important dates for students applying to both college and university.

September 2023 Newsletter

Fall (September) 2023 Newsletter

It’s that time of year again, the start of another school year. Whether you entering you senior year of high school, heading to middle school, or anything in between, OVS is here to help. We have more new courses to offer, updates on university application processes, and so much more!

August 2023 Newsletter

August 2023 Newsletter

Hybrid learning has many benefits for students, allowing them the social aspect of attending a physical high school while also getting the flexibility online learning provides. With Ontario Virtual School, students can take courses part-time with us, while being enrolled full-time in a brick-and-mortar high school.

June 2023 -Newsletter

June 2023 Newsletter

As the school year comes to an end and summer begins, many of our senior students will be graduating and preparing for their post-secondary plans. While other students may be returning to high school in the fall and are already thinking about their next academic year. Either way, here is some important updates and information for all of our OVS students.

May 2023 Newsletter

May 2023 Newsletter

Though we have just passed the midterm deadlines, senior students already need to start planning for graduation. Many students will be getting their conditional offers over the next month for their post-secondary programs, but just because you receive an offer doesn’t mean that you can stop focusing on your school work. You’ll see need to maintain your grades and graduate on time to keep your offers.

April 2023 Newsletter

April 2023 Newsletter

Ontario Virtual School operates both locally and internationally to bring education to students around the globe. Whether they are taking just a few credits, or getting their entire high school education online, OVS is dedicated to allowing all students to get the education they need to ensure successful futures.

March 2023 Newsletter

Spring 2023 Newsletter

With spring coming up fast, all of us here at OVS are looking forward to warmer weather and longer days. Along with sunnier skies, we are heading into crunch time for high school seniors applying to post-secondary programs. In this newsletter we’ll cover some important dates and information that all high school seniors should know.

February 2023 Newsletter

February 2023 Newsletter Header (1)

In honour of Black History Month, we would like to highlight black authors who have written Young Adult books that we think our students would love. Next week, we will be posting a full list of unique books to considering reading, however this week we would like to highlight one in particular.

January 2023 Newsletter

January 2023 Newsletter Header (1)

We hope you enjoyed your winter break and are excited for the start of the new year! There are great new things happening at Ontario Virtual School and some important updates for students who are graduating this year. Read below for more information.

December 2022 Newsletter

As we come to the end of the year it is important to reflect on the exceptional year we’ve had. Our students have achieved a lot here at Ontario Virtual School, many have graduated and started attending top Universities and Colleges, both locally and abroad. While others are just starting their applications for the coming year. Whether you will be graduating soon or just starting out in your high school career, this has been an amazing year for all of us here at OVS.

November 2022 Newsletter

November Newsletter Header

Winter is here, and with it comes the busy midterm season. Many Grade 12 students have started their post-secondary applications and are working to get those midterms completed. Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to get those grades in, so take a deep breath and make sure you find time to relax.

October 2022 Newsletter

October 2022 Newsletter

The new school year is well underway and most students are getting settled into their new routines. Fall is the season of change, so if you find that your new school routine isn’t working for you, there is still plenty of time to make adjustments. At OVS we offer continuous enrollment, which means you can sign up and start a course at any time. With our asynchronous format you won’t have to worry about missing anything, OVs has you covered.

September 2022 Newsletter

September Newsletter Header

It’s that time of year again, fall has arrived and with it comes the start of a new school year. Perhaps you’ve gotten your class schedule but are unhappy with the courses you’re in? Maybe there wasn’t enough room in a class you really wanted to take or your school doesn’t offer a course that you need? Do you need to take an extra class because you’ve fallen behind in credits? If the answer is yes, OVS could be the solution for you.

July 2022 Newsletter

July Newsletter Header

It’s the end of another school year and many students have graduated and are ready to leave high school behind. However, that doesn’t mean they plan to stop learning. OVS Graduates go to some of the top schools in Canada and this year is no different.

June 2022 Newsletter

June 2022 Newsletter Header

For senior students applying to post-secondary this year, the final dates for OUAC submission are fast approaching.
If you are a Group 1 student and still have outstanding work, you need to get it in as soon a possible and check in with you day school about the latest they can accept a report card for graduation purposes.