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About Us

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    Our Goal

    The vision of Ontario Virtual School is to empower all learners, through the use of technology to experience scholastic success. We strive to promote students to achieve their highest academic potential at a pace and timing that best supports their personal learning style.

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    Our Teachers

    Ontario Virtual School believes that good teaching fosters good learning. OVS is committed to this philosophy and only employs certified Ontario teachers who have a number of years of teaching experience. All teachers are proud to support learners in a variety of ways including our signature concept; the “second chance protocol” where students can choose to redo a test, major assignment or even the final exam in an attempt to better their mark in the course.

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    School Services

    Ontario Virtual School recognizes the tremendous demands and stress that students can experience throughout their high school lives. Making course selection choices, looking at a host of post secondary options, as well as personal & socio-emotional problems are all barriers that obstruct students from achieving to their academic potential. OVS is committed to aiding students in all aspects of their lives, and employs a qualified and experienced guidance councilor. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in having our Councillor contact you.

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    Safe Schools

    Ontario Virtual School will attempt to provide and maintain a safe and supportive educational environment in which learning can occur. Protection of a person’s dignity and self-esteem is crucial and not negotiable. All members of the Ontario Virtual School community, which includes students, staff and parents, will treat each other with respect in all interactions. Any actions determined to jeopardize the moral tone of the learning community including disrespectful, distasteful, abusive, harassing comments made to any of our community members will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly by the OVS Principal. Consequences may include, counseling, parental involvement, suspension, expulsions and/ or the involvement of the authorities.

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