The OVS Story

Ontario Virtual School (OVS) – Who We Are and What We Do

As Principal of OVS, I am proud to work with a team of experienced Ontario certified teachers and support staff who are committed to providing a thriving educational environment. One that supports all learners, maintains high expectations for all, and strives to develop caring, compassionate global citizens. Founded in 2010, our vision remains the same:

To empower all learners, through the use of technology so that they can experience academic success.

Ontario Virtual School (OVS) was inspired by the founding principle that every student can be successful and reach their academic potential when they are engaged and active in their learning. OVS recognized that the traditional educational system was no longer able to meet the diverse needs of today’s learners. Driven by the obvious need for an alternative learning system, the school created a model that allows students to start and complete their courses at any time and maintain complete control over their learning pace. The inspiration behind OVS’s launch back in 2010 stemmed from the recognition of a basic need. The need for an online school that could better meet the needs of students globally. OVS provides a supportive learning environment for those students who cannot attend classes on a regular basis due to personal or health-related reasons, athletic commitments or full-time jobs. Ontario Virtual School also helps students upgrade their marks in challenging courses, allowing them the opportunity to improve their understanding and increase their chances of gaining acceptance into competitive post-secondary programs. Although the idea of online learning may not be unique, Ontario Virtual School’s approach was. OVS created a dynamic and interactive multi-media platform which was far more engaging than simply just reading text on a screen. OVS believed that a varied assessment and evaluation strategy best allows teachers to gauge their students understanding of course content. This meant moving away from random computer-generated multiple-choice tests and exams to evaluations that are teacher-driven and tailored to a student’s strength. Quality lessons, varied teacher-led assessments and outstanding customer service form the building blocks of Ontario Virtual School, and it is these pillars which have led to our tremendous growth and our student’s remarkable success. Pioneering the school in 2010 with only three course offerings and half a dozen students, OVS stands proudly today with over 130 courses and a staff of more than 100+ OCT certified instructors to service our 9000+ students from around the world.

Mr. Gary Michael Principal, Ontario Virtual School

Mr. Gary Michael – Principal, Ontario Virtual School

Here’s how we work:

  • Once registered, students are automatically sent an email from their teacher welcoming them to the course.
  • The student is given immediate access to their course lessons and are free to view them any time of day (or night!) from anywhere in the world.
  • Each lesson is a pre-recorded video of a PowerPoint presentation that is fully narrated by the teacher.
  • There are animations, videos, simulations, etc. embedded throughout to keep the lessons appealing and engaging.
  • Most lessons also include a formative quiz and homework that the student may complete to help prepare for the unit summative.
  • At any point, students may contact their teacher for support and receive a response within 24 business hours.
  • We use a variety of assessment and evaluations which allow students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways, including assignments, essays, projects, video presentations, tests, etc.
  • Once the student has completed their lessons, the unit summative can be completed.
  • All assignments and evaluations can be downloaded from the website, completed and emailed back to their teacher or submitted directly through the student portal.
  • Students will progress this way for subsequent units until they are ready for the final exam, which is written with a proctor.

We have a Student Code of Behaviour. Our instructors and student success team monitor attendance patterns and will work with individual students and their parents/guardians to provide additional support where needed. For more information surrounding our school’s policies, please see OVS’s course calendar document. OVS is proud to serve and support our global community in achieving their academic goals. We our grateful for the recommendations written by parents and students, as documented through our more than 245+ Google reviews. Additional testimonials can be found on the prestigious site for private schools, Our Thank you for exploring our website to learn more about OVS and the support we offer for our students. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly at any time. Mr. Gary Michael Principal, Ontario Virtual School