IEP Accommodations

At OVS, we believe that all students can benefit from a more accommodating learning experience! Accommodations allow for increased access to the course, without any changes to the knowledge and skills the student is expected to demonstrate. Therefore, we have implemented the following features into all of our courses so that all of our students can be successful:

– Fully narrated lessons by licensed teachers; these are animated with pictures, videos and online simulations
– Pre-recorded video lessons that can be paused and replayed as many times as needed for maximal understanding
– Varied assessments and evaluations so that students can demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways
– Extra time for tests and exams so there is less anxiety when completing the work

An IEP creates an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to work together to improve the education for students with identified learning disabilities. An IEP suggests supports that would allow students to progress through school successfully. Although IEPs are a part of public education and observance is not required by private schools, any OVS student with an IEP is welcome to send a copy of their IEP to their teacher and our administration to have accommodations implemented into their courses.

If you have an IEP and would like to share it with OVS, please email the latest copy to [email protected].

Awesome school, courses are clear and precise! They teach all five styles of learning, therefore, it easy to complete a course and get good grades. My son has an L.D. and has now got a 90+ average in grade 11 Academic courses. He was told in public school to go applied his grade average was 70%. Let kids learn the way they want to and they will succeed. – S Clarkson

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“Because of my disability, attending class is difficult for me to do, so I really enjoyed the freedom of attending class from home whenever I got some free time.”

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