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October Newsletter

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We’ve introduced several new courses, with more on the way!


OVS is now offering…

CPW4U – Grade 12 Canadian & International Politics

NDW4M – Grade 12 Contemporary Indigenous Issues

BMI3C – Grade 11 Marketing

HSP3U – Grade 11 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology

FSF2D – Grade 10 French

HIF2O – Grade 10 Individual & Family Living

AVI1O – Grade 9 Visual Arts

HIF1O – Grade 9 Individual & Family Living


Coming soon… HFA4U Food & Nutrition + PSK4U Introduction to Kinesiology


Free Grade 9 Math Preparation course OVS



This new course offering presents a fantastic opportunity for Grade 8 students to familiarize themselves with the foundational concepts needed to successfully make the transition into high school mathematics, with a certified teacher available to help them along the way.

With the introduction of this course, OVS hopes to address the existing math gap between elementary and secondary level math, while at the same time supporting the government’s eLearning initiative by allowing elementary students to develop their ability to learn in an online learning environment.






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Hi, my name is Ms. Moncada and I’m a new teacher with OVS!

In my spare time I love to be active! You can often find me playing volleyball, basketball, or soccer with my friends and family. I’m also a certified yoga instructor on the side. Some of my other favourite things to do include swimming in the lake, going for hikes, and hanging out with my dog, Cash!

Ms. Moncada is currently accepting new students for CHY4U.


September Newsletter

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Is it that time of year already?

We feel like we never left…


Want to keep that summertime freedom going all year round?

At OVS, our self-paced, continuous entry model allows you incredible flexibility in how you choose to earn your high school diploma! Study anytime & anywhere!

Learn more about going full-time with OVS here!

Just looking to catch-up or upgrade your marks in a course or two?




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 The Ontario Universities’ Fair is fast approaching!

The OUF is Canada’s largest educational fair, with knowledgeable representatives and professors from all 21 major universities! This event is a must-attend for any grade 11 or 12 student considering university after graduation. And did we mention it’s FREE?

Check it out September 27-29th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto! Head to their website for more information and to sign up for your OUF passport today!


Ms.Hansen Ontario Virtual School OVS


Hi, my name is Rebecca Hansen and I am a math teacher with OVS!

When I’m not teaching, I love to travel. In fact, I spent two years living in China and travelling all over Asia at the start of my teaching career. Of all my travels thus far, Thailand has been my favourite!  

Ms. Hansen is currently accepting new students for MDM4U.





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Creating a Study Schedule as a Full-Time Online Student

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If you’ve recently made the switch from a traditional semester-school to taking all (or most) of your courses online, the flexibility we offer might seem a bit overwhelming! Not to worry, OVS is here with some tips on establishing a study schedule that will help keep you on track across all your courses.

First things first, it’s important to decide how many courses you feel comfortable working on at a time. You might prefer to focus your attention on just one or two courses per month, working through each course in succession. Or perhaps you’d rather stick to the semester-style pacing of working on 4 courses over a period of four months. Or maybe you crave variety, so taking 8 courses and working your way through all of them at the same time would be more your style.

Whatever you decide, just keep in mind that you must be enrolled in a course for a minimum of 30 days before you’re eligible to request your final report card, and you have up to 12 months to complete! If you’ve sign up for more courses than you’re confident you can complete in one year, or just don’t want your time to expire in courses you’re not actively working on, simply get in touch with us to have one or more of your courses put on hold until you’re ready to start!

Once you have your courses and overall pacing set, it’s time to work on creating a personalized study schedule to get those courses done on time! The best way to approach this is to consult your course handbooks (attached to your welcome email) to determine the breakdown of each of your courses. Then, divvy the lessons and assignments based on your preferred pace. To do this, you’ll have to decide whether you’re going to work on your courses every day, a couple times a week, or maybe just on the weekends. If you need help creating your study schedule, Sarah, our director of student success, is always willing to help! And remember, there’s no right or wrong answer here! It all comes down to what works best for you.

That said, whatever you decide, it’s always a good idea to create a regular routine with dedicated days &/ times to log on and work through your courses. After all, the flip side of flexible learning is that it’s easy to get caught up with life’s other tasks and let your e-work fall to the wayside! Of course, our dedicated staff will check in on you each month if we notice you’re falling behind, but why not take charge early and be your own boss from the get-go?

At OVS, we know how rewarding (and effective!) it can be to march to the beat of your own drum, which is why we’ve made providing quality, student-centred learning our #1 goal!

New Course: NDW4M

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OVS is introducing a Natives Studies course! We’re proud to offer this great course on Contemporary Indigenous Issues & Perspectives in a Global Context!

You won’t find this course at any other online school – it was custom designed for OVS!

Explore the course outline & sign up today!

Have questions? Contact our office.

OVS: Where Heading Back to School Doesn’t Mean Heading Back to the Classroom

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Have you taken a course (or two!) online with us, absolutely loved the experience and wished you could take all your courses online? Maybe traditional brick-and-mortar classes just aren’t working for you and you’re seriously considering switching to online? Well then lucky for you, becoming a full-time student with OVS has never been easier! With our knowledgeable staff of in-office administrators available for over-the-phone consultation from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday, why wait to have all your burning questions answered? In fact, why wait at all? We’ve gone ahead and answered some of the most common full-time questions right here – all you have to do is scroll! ↓↓↓


What do I have to do to become a full-time student with OVS if I am…

 … currently enrolled at another school, but want to switch to OVS:

Simply register for at least four courses and, once registered, send an email to admin@ontariovirtualschool.ca letting us know you would like to be made a full-time student! We will then issue a request to your current day school to have your student records sent to our office. Once received, we will take over the process of updating and issuing your transcripts, monitoring your community service hours, and administering your OSSLT exam, if not already completed!

Not sure which courses to sign up for to start? No problem! Send admin@ontariovirtualschool.ca an email with your most recent transcript prior to registering and we’ll help you put together a course plan!


… a home-schooled student looking to switch to a blended model with OVS:

Before registering, email admin@ontariovirtualschool.ca your current record of courses completed for review, as well a contact number where you can be reached. Since home-schooling methods vary greatly, we may want to reach out directly to discuss your path to OSSD completion!


… a Canadian student attending school outside Ontario:

Send your most recent transcript to admin@ontariovirtualschool.ca for review. We will contact you within 2-3 business days to let you know what equivalencies can be granted and what courses you will need to take through us in order to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

*Please note, if you attend school in Quebec, you will need to connect with our Quebec partner, Northern PreUniversity. Please email: Scott.Mcleod@northernpreuniversity.com.


… an international student who has never attended school inside Ontario:

Send translated copies of your international transcripts to admin@ontariovirtualschool.ca. Our guidance team will review these documents and contact you within 3-5 business days to let you know what equivalencies can be granted and what courses you will need to take through us in order to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.


What are the benefits of being a full-time student with OVS?

Our courses are available 24/7, 365 days a year, meaning you can study when you want and where you want! And, with continuous enrollment, you’re completely free to set your own timeline and schedule! Opt to work on fewer courses (or the easier ones) during times when you’re busiest in your personal life, and save the bulk of your learning for your off-season! Have something that keeps you busy year-round? No problem! With OVS, you are also free to decide how long you take to earn your OSSD. So, whether you stick to the traditional 4-year model, work year-round to complete it even faster, or choose to space your 30 credits out over 5 or 6 years, our dedicated administrators and instructors will be there to help you every step of the way! Did we mention we’ll also help you apply to post-secondary when the time comes? We automatically submit your report cards to OUAC and OCAS, as long as your applicant numbers are included. We can also email your reports and/or transcripts directly to your admissions officer(s), all you have to do is ask!


Are there any discounts available for full-time students?

Students enrolling with a full-time course load of 8 courses per year are eligible to receive $400 off their annual cost – just ask us how! Keep in mind, our course fees already include all applicable taxes and administrative fees, as well as course materials and access to our amazing year-round customer support!


Are there any required courses you don’t offer?

Nope! We offer all of the compulsory credits, meaning you could start from grade 9 and work your way through all 30 credits with us, if you so choose! We also have a wide range of elective courses available at the Grade 11 and 12 levels, meaning you can cater your course selection to the post-secondary path of your choice!


Will OVS be able to graduate me?

Absolutely! Over the years, we have graduated dozens of students, with many more currently working towards diploma completion. If it is your intention to have us graduate you, please send an email with your most up-to-date transcript to admin@ontariovirtualschool.ca so we can help you put together a course plan and discuss community service and OSSLT administration details.


Will I still get an actual diploma or is it just an online certificate?

Each and every student who graduates from Ontario Virtual School will receive a standard Ministry-issued diploma mailed to their home, ready to be framed and displayed proudly!


Will a diploma from OVS get me into the post-secondary institution of my choice?

Yes! OVS is fully accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education to grant OSSD credits and graduate qualifying students with an official Ontario Secondary School Diploma, which is accepted by post-secondary institutions around the world!


Still have questions, or just want to chat in more detail about going full-time?

Give us a call at (416) 907-4899, or send an email to admin@ontariovirtualschool.ca to learn more!

OUAC Applications 2020

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Application Deadline: January 15, 2020

January 15th is the deadline for Ontario high school students to submit their completed application to the OUAC.
*Note: The OUAC still processes applications received after this date and distributes them to the universities; however, specific university deadlines will apply. The initial application includes all final grades from completed Grade 11 and 12 courses and a list of all current-year courses in progress.

*For all 105 applicants, there is no specified deadline for submitting your application. Please contact your university directly.

For a full listing of relevant OUAC dates, please visit https://www.ontariovirtualschool.ca/ouac-info-updates/.

OCAS Applications 2020

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Early October 2019: Online Application Opens

In early October, access to the online college application becomes available for programs beginning in the following academic year (August to July). You may create an account and begin your application.

February 1, 2020: Equal Consideration Date

Apply on or before this date in order to receive equal consideration for admission to programs starting the following fall. After this date, colleges consider applicants on a first-come, first-served basis until programs are full.

Note that applications to Highly Competitive Programs must be received by this date in order to be considered. As these programs receive a high volume of applicants, all seats may be filled by February 1.

Applicants are encouraged to complete their applications well before the Equal Consideration Date, as website volumes on the online application are at their highest at this time.

Many programs continue to accept applicants after February 1. Use our Find a Program tool at any time to find programs that are still open.

February 1, 2020: Earliest Offer Date

This is the earliest date that colleges may begin to send offers of admission to programs for the upcoming academic year. Offers will continue to be issued until programs are filled or wait-lists are established.


For a full listing of relevant OCAS dates, please visit https://www.ontariovirtualschool.ca/ocas-info-updates/.

10 Tips for a Confident Return to Class

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Summer has flown by (as usual), and the first day of class looms large just around the corner. OVS is here with 10 tips to help you prepare for the upcoming fall semester! Take our advice and you can be confident that you’ll be starting the year off right!


  1. Make a good first impression

Starting the semester on a good note with your teachers is key. You don’t have to be the teacher’s pet, but you do want to make a good impression and make sure that you stand out from the rest of the class. Particularly if you’re in your last year, remember that you’re going to need teachers who know more about you than just your name when it comes time for recommendation letters.

  1. Find out what’s expected of you

The first few days of class are all about setting up expectations. Make sure you’re paying attention to what your teachers are saying about the workload of the class and what they want you to gain from being in it. Despite what some may say, teachers really do want you to succeed, which means they are going to tell you exactly what you need to do to thrive in their class – all you have to do is listen and follow through! And for the sanity of teachers everywhere: keep your syllabus somewhere you can easily consult it throughout the course (like the inside cover of your binder!).

  1. Use your agenda to keep track of more than just HW

Yes, the implication here is that you should definitely be using an agenda or planner of some sort! Most high schoolers have got the hang of marking down homework due dates, but the average teen has a lot more than that going on! Set aside a time each day (or each period) to mark down your upcoming academic, extracurricular, work, and social commitments. Keeping track of tests, practices, work shifts, get-togethers and holidays is a crucial step in your plan for success.

  1. School supplies (alone) don’t make you organized

Back to school sales can give you some pretty ambitious ideas about how you’re going to organize yourself for the new school year. At the end of the day, make sure the system you choose is not too fancy or complicated – if it is, you won’t stick to it and that’s what really matters. Pick something that works for you, even if it isn’t colour-coded and Pinterest worthy.

  1. Set semester goals

It’s hard to know where you’re headed – and how close you are to getting there – if you don’t have a map. At the end of the first week of classes, take 10 minutes to map out your goals for this semester. Write them down and keep them somewhere you can consult throughout the semester, as you work towards achieving them!

  1. Make a friend in every class

Find a few people from each of your classes that you feel comfortable working with and whose working style complements your own. Having a study buddy (or two) in every class is crucial. Everyone needs someone to give “the look” to when the teacher asks you to partner off, right

  1. Check in with your guidance counsellor

Sometime in the first six weeks of class, make an appointment to see your guidance counsellor. They will be the one to make sure you’re keeping on track to earn your diploma and, for seniors, they can also help you with post-secondary planning and applications. Be sure to ask about scholarship opportunities as well!

  1. Make ‘night before prep’ a habit

How much time do you spend every morning running around the house grabbing things you need for class that day? How often do you forget that one thing you swore you would remember in the morning? This year, make a pact with yourself to pack your book bag, prepare your lunch, and lay your clothes out the night before. The reward? You can hit snooze a few extra times without feeling guilty!

  1. Get involved!

The best way to get back in the swing of things is to get involved! If you don’t already have something in mind from last year, ask around for a list of the sports and clubs available to you. Pick something that interests you and sign up! Not only do extra-curriculars look good on your post-secondary resume, but they’re also a great way to meet people outside your usual social circles!

  1. Start thinking about post-secondary

If you’re going into grade 11 or 12, there’s no time like the present to start exploring your post-secondary options. If you haven’t already, consider what factors are important to you in choosing a school and write them down. Then, look up when your local university fair is going to be and mark it in your calendar. For students local to Toronto, September 27-29th is your one-stop shop for all Ontario Universities!


High school may seem like the longest four years of your life while you’re there, but as any graduate will tell you, in the grand scheme of things, those four years fly by. Embrace the routine, take advantage of the resources given to you, and don’t let the occasional drama get in the way of you achieving your goals!


Add another course and you will be eligible for $100 off your total fee.

You are now eligible for $100 off you total fee. Use coupon code OVS-100 upon checkout