OVS meets the needs of diverse learners, including students with an IEP

Every student is different. Here at Ontario Virtual School, this is one of our guiding philosophies. Since OVS is a school built from the ground up for online learning, and all of our courses, lessons, and assignments are designed around the online format, this actually allows a variety of benefits which allow us to better

Why Virtual High School is a Good Option for Mature Students

There are plenty of reasons why someone may have to leave high school before graduating. However, having a high school diploma is very beneficial and can open many personal and professional doors in a person’s life. A diploma allows students to pursue post-secondary education and secure more stable and better-paying employment. It also sets the

Post-Secondary Scholarships: How To Find and Apply For Them

With post-secondary application season upon us, we’ve put together some tips to help you find and apply for scholarships!

College or University? Considering Your Post-Secondary Options

Deciding whether to apply to college, university, or both? In this blog, we help you make your first big decision an educated one!

3 Ways OVS Helps Prepare Students for Post-Secondary

In this blog, we highlight three key ways OVS’s self-directed model can help high school students ease into the sometimes challenging transition to post-secondary!

How OVS Helps Adults Continue Their Education

OVS’s flexible model makes us a great solution for mature students looking to earn key credits to change careers or earn their high school diploma.

The mental health of children is not an in person vs remote learning conversation

Pretending that in class high school, circa 2019 was a panacea that we must return to if we are to restore “the perfect” mental health of students, is simply not true for millions of students globally. The “one size fits all” model benefits some students, but has historically been detrimental to others. Today we have

OUAC Collection is Now Open for 2022-23 Applicants!

OUAC’s first collection period for 2022 applicants is now open for first semester midterms and any finals achieved in Grade 11 or 12 courses.

Save the Date: University Fairs!

Are you planning to apply to university in 2022? Then be sure to mark your calendar for the Ontario Universities’ Fairs happening this fall!

Introducing Guidance Appointments!

Students can now schedule one-on-one appointments with our head of guidance to discuss pathway or graduation concerns over the phone!

Introducing Grade 7 & 8 Courses

OVS now offers Grade 7 & 8 courses! Click to learn more about our middle school program!

December 2021 Newsletter

Happy holidays from OVS! Click through for our holiday hours and year-end review, as well as a special coupon code!

November 2021 Newsletter

Halloween treats have been handed out, but for high school seniors, we’ve still got some tricks up our sleeves – tricks and tips for post-secondary research and applications, that is!

October 2021 Newsletter

October brings with it the season of post-secondary research and applications for senior students! The month’s newsletter has plenty of information to help you make informed decisions.