Podcast S2 Ep 2. Accommodations Vs. Modification

In this episode, Alicia Cuzner and Dwayne Matthews will discuss the difference between accommodation and modification at school. Our hosts will unpack what counts as an accommodation, and how we all accommodate ourselves every day. Listen to learn about what a modified curriculum is, and how it can impact your education journey. This episode also

Creative Courses to Liven Up Your Summer

During the school year there is a heavy emphasis put on core subjects like Math, Science, and English. While in some ways this focus benefits many students, it can leave those who are more inclined towards the arts struggling to find time for the courses they enjoy.

Help Your Kids Avoid the Summer Slump

A summer break from school doesn’t have to be a break from learning. Stop your kids from falling into a summer slump and help them keep their brains active for the upcoming months. Here are some ways to do it.

Podcast S2 Ep 1. What is an IEP?

In this episode Alicia Cuzner and Dwayne Matthews will discuss what an IEP is, and the misconceptions behind IEPs. Our hosts unpack the challenges behind getting an IEP made, as well as the stigmas behind IEPs and learning disabilities. Listen to find our more about what an IEP is, and how everyone should have one.

Websites That Can Improve Your English Essays

Your essays never seem to impress your English teacher. The pages are always marked in red pen, and your total grade is low. You want to change that, but you’re not sure how. Start by looking into these online resources. They’re bound to help you improve your English essays from this point forward. SparkNotes: SparkNotes is

3 Advantages That Come with Online Schooling

For the longest time, parents could only choose between three schooling methods for their children: in-person public school, in-person private school and homeschooling. Now there is a fourth option: online schooling. What are the advantages that come with this type of schooling? 1. Professional Programming Homeschooling is often presented as the only alternative to in-person

The mental health of children is not an in person vs remote learning conversation

Pretending that in class high school, circa 2019 was a panacea that we must return to if we are to restore “the perfect” mental health of students, is simply not true for millions of students globally. The “one size fits all” model benefits some students, but has historically been detrimental to others. Today we have

OUAC Collection is Now Open for 2022-23 Applicants!

OUAC’s first collection period for 2022 applicants is now open for first semester midterms and any finals achieved in Grade 11 or 12 courses.

Save the Date: University Fairs!

Are you planning to apply to university in 2022? Then be sure to mark your calendar for the Ontario Universities’ Fairs happening this fall!

Introducing Guidance Appointments!

Students can now schedule one-on-one appointments with our head of guidance to discuss pathway or graduation concerns over the phone!

Introducing Grade 7 & 8 Courses

OVS now offers Grade 7 & 8 courses! Click to learn more about our middle school program!

June 2022 Newsletter

For senior students applying to post-secondary this year, the final dates for OUAC submission are fast approaching.
If you are a Group 1 student and still have outstanding work, you need to get it in as soon a possible and check in with you day school about the latest they can accept a report card for graduation purposes.

May 2022 Newsletter

Graduation Graduation is right around the corner. Senior students need to be finishing up their courses and taking the necessary steps required for their post-secondary education. First, senior students at OVS will need to know which one of 3 groups they fall into:     Once you know which group you fall under there are

April 2022 Newsletter

Midterm Season Is Upon Us The OUAC midterm collection period is fast approaching. High school seniors are hard a work getting grades in to apply to post-secondary institutions. At OVS, our students need to submit their required midterm work by APRIL 15th if they want to get their midterm submitted before the official last day