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There are over 75 Five Star Google reviews.

  Did not know what to expect but after my son completed the course, I was sorry that I didn’t learn about OVS sooner. The course is easy to navigate, turn around of assignments was very quick, our teacher was very engaged and always available to assist with any questions. Surprisingly, my son was able to focus more so than in the classroom. No classroom politics and the student can control the pace at which they move through the course. Very good experience and would definitely recommend them. Thank you, Ms. J McDonnell.

Lisa Yarde

  OVS was the best choice for us! They helped my son and daughter to attain marks required for the university admission. Teachers and admin were highly supportive, considerate, flexible, and accommodating. We highly recommend Ontario Virtual School.

Amna Siddiqi

  Ontario Virtual School has helped me attain the mark I needed to apply for university. It was very easy and straight forward to understand, with very informed and attentive teachers. Would highly recommend for anyone who wishes to learn online.

Habel Abdi
Ryerson University, Business Technology Management and SAG Award Scholarship

  OVS online high school allowed me to upgrade my original English mark to a more university-required grade. The whole process was amazing and well worth the money. I would most definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to enroll in an online school.

Tyler Satino
Queen’s University, Economics, Athletic & Admission Scholarships

  I took a grade 12 Physics and English course with Ontario Virtual School and both times I felt that the practical application of things learned was an emphasis. I think a big part of this journey with OVS was getting prepared for University.

Wajiha Fatima Syeda
Ryerson University, Occupational & Public Health

  In grade 12, I was studying in Punjab, India in the C.B.S.E Board’s medical stream. Then I realized that I had to complete a grade 12 math course in order to receive admission into a B.Sc. program at a Canadian university. This was a difficult predicament for me, either I had to study one more year to complete the math course or forget about studying in Canada. Then one of the university advisers showed me the path; Ontario Virtual School. I completed my math requirements with OVS and in the end, I was accepted by all eight of the Ontario universities that I applied to.

Manreet Singh Boparai

  Ontario Virtual School is a leader in online education with their dynamic online courses. A video of a PowerPoint presentation is fully narrated by the teacher. And, to keep our teenage son’s attention there are appealing and engaging animations, videos, and simulations.

Name withheld as her son didn’t want to reveal that he struggles with ADHD

  I presumed that the time difference would impact my ability to communicate with my teachers and receive proper help, however that was not the case. My teachers were helpful and effective in helping me achieve academic success.

Matt Elliotts
Studying from China

  Towards the end of my grade 12 year I was in a time limit to complete the course in order to keep my university acceptance. Ontario Virtual School helped me in all the ways that they could in order for me to get the course done while still doing well in the course.

Stephanie Sassi

  I have done much better in math this year and can go into the university programs I’m interested in. I highly recommend this school!

Noor Imran
Ryerson University

  The teachers reply to their emails quickly. You could work at your own pace, as you are not rushed to complete assignments. OVS has helped many get into my preferred University, with a large scholarship along with it!

Gurpreet Singh

  The teachers really go above and beyond to help their students to get what they need and also tell them about different opportunities for them to learn. I took all my grade 12 courses and because of OVS, I’m in University today.

Nashrah Chaudhry

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