Reach Ahead – Elementary Students in Grade 8

Reach Ahead High School Program

Ontario Virtual School is a Ministry-inspected credit-granting institution that offers high school level courses in an online format. We are authorized to grant “reach ahead” credits, which means that students currently in Grade 8 can earn one or more high school level credits now. This is a fabulous opportunity for elementary students to:

  • Reduce the academic demand in your first year of high school by already having completed a mandatory course
  • Ease the transition from the elementary into secondary schooling
  • Recognize and prepare for the rigor of high school courses
  • Complete a compulsory course prior to the start of high school, allowing you to choose more elective courses to enrich your grade 9 learning experience

Upon successful completion of our reach ahead course, an official report card will be mailed to your prospective high school, notifying them that the course has been completed in advance.

Here are some comments from past and present OVS students and parents regarding Reach Ahead opportunities:

Shanir: “What a wonderful opportunity for my son to expose [my son] to Reach Ahead during the summer; we can still go away for our family vacation and have him use some of the time online to focus on getting prepared for high school and earning a credit.”

Ruchita: “I wish Reach Ahead had been available when I was in Grade 8! I think it would have really helped me prepare more for high school in terms of how different it is from elementary level classes.”

Anisha: “I would definitely have taken the French course to get it over with before going to high school! I was never good in French, and was never planning to take more French courses after grade 9 anyway because I don’t need it for my career.”

Michael: “I was really scared of Math when I started high school, if I was able to learn the stuff ahead of time it would have reduced my anxiety about the course.”

Arman: “We never did any science in grade 8, I would have liked to have taken the reach ahead course in science just to get ready for what to expect.”

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