French Immersion

Please note that as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and the government’s recommendation of social distancing, OVS is providing flexible solutions that will allow final exams to be written from the comfort and safety of the student’s home.

Grade 9 French Immersion image

FIF1D, Grade 9 French Immersion

This course enables students to enhance their knowledge of the French language and to further their language skills through the study of twentieth-century North American francophone literature and culture,

Courses Type: Academic Prerequisite: grade eight early or late immersion
Course Outline $449
Grade 12 French Immersion image

FIF4U, Grade 12 French Immersion

Students will study a selection of French literature from the Middle Ages to the present. They will also enrich their understanding and appreciation of diverse French-speaking communities, and will develop skills necessary for lifelong language learning.

Courses Type: University Preparation Prerequisite: FIF3U, Grade 11 French Immersion
Course Outline $549