Summer School

Get Prepared and Get Ahead

With OVS, summer presents ample opportunities to start off strong in September, without compromising your summer vacation! Whether you need to catch up or want to get ahead, or you simply want to explore electives or language courses not available at your day school, OVS has you covered! With great options for students from grade 8 and onwards, OVS allows both public and private school students to take advantage of the summer months to supplement their learning with the support of OCT-certified instructors. With OVS, you can take as many courses as you want over the summer months, and our dedicated administrative staff will ensure the credits are forwarded to your day school or post-secondary institutions as needed.

Get Ahead
To ease the stress of next years course load current high school students can earn one or more high school credits during the summer. We offer over 130 Grade 7 to 12 courses for you to choose from!

Get Back on Track
By repeating courses in key subjects. For grade 11 &12 students who didn’t get the results they wanted the first time around, our Upgrade Courses allow students to improve their mark and understanding in the course.

Get Prepared
For the transition from middle to high school with our FREE High School Preparation Courses

Reach Ahead
Earn up to 3 OSSD credits over the summer before entering Grade 9! Check out this helpful article to learn more!