Final Exams at Ontario Virtual School (OVS)


Final Exams 

Some courses require students to write a final exam at the end of the course. This exam must be written in the presence of an approved proctor either in-person at the OVS office or offsite. A proctor is a professional (teacher, doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc) who meets with the student to witness the test or final exam being written and confirms that all procedures outlined by the teacher were properly followed. The date, time, place, and proctor for a student’s final exam are selected by the student but must be approved by the OVS office.


Option 1: With a Proctor

The student may arrange their own proctor to meet with them in person for the purpose of invigilating the test or exam. This is written at a time, place and location that is most comfortable and safe for the student. Students will need to provide the teacher with their proposed proctor’s professional email address and phone number. This will need to be done at least 3 days in advance of the planned exam date.

When the proctor is approved, the proctor will be provided with detailed exam instructions and proctor form via email. The approved proctor and student may then proceed with the final exam as scheduled. Once the final exam has been written, the proctor must send the test or exam back to the teacher as a scanned, clearly legible document.

If a student chooses a proctor who charges a fee for their services, the student is responsible for those or any other expenses.


Option 2: Written in the OVS office

The student may choose to write the final exam in the OVS office. All students need to do is send an email to both their OVS teacher and and make the arrangements directly with the office. An office staff member will act as the proctor.

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