Mental Health Spotlight

OVS is committed to helping students enjoy optimal mental health. That’s why we regularly post mindfulness exercises, mental health resources and self-awareness guides to help you make positive changes in your day-to-day life.

A Guide to Reaching Out

When it comes to preserving our mental health, talking about it is step #1. In this article, we outline ways to initiate these conversations, help you understand what you can expect from reaching out, and provide you with a wide array of resources for outreach.

Pushing Past Procrastination

We’ve all procrastinated at one point or another. But for habitual procrastinators, this habit can wreak havoc on your mental well-being. In this blog, we dissect the reasons and solutions behind the individual’s decision to procrastinate.

12 Ways to Manage Your Exam Stress

There’s no denying exam season is a stressful time. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to remember that while they are important, exams are not everything! What’s more, they do not determine your worth as a person – if you just had an internal ‘yeah, but…’ moment, repeat that last part until it goes silent.