Understanding & Developing Growth Mindset

growth mindset

With the rising popularity of e-learning, many students are discovering the greater independence that comes with a fully online platform. With this added flexibility, there is greater opportunity for growth and increased success. Yet, it takes a certain type of student to truly take advantage of these opportunities. At Ontario Virtual School, we are committed to helping students find success with online learning, so let’s look at what a growth mindset is and how to develop it.

Growth Mindset

Fundamentally, a growth mindset is a state of mind. Individuals with a growth mindset seek opportunities to improve their existing skills, as well as opportunities to develop new ones.

For those with this mindset, work is not seen as an obligation, rather it is an opportunity to practice skills and improve oneself. Even failure is not viewed as a setback. Instead, it is a chance to reassess and refocus to ensure the potential for future success. In its most basic terms, a growth mindset is a reminder that you can always improve.

Fixed Mindset

The opposite of a growth mindset is fixed mindset. Individuals who retain a fixed mindset believe that intelligence and abilities are predetermined. That is, you are either born with an ability or not, and effort to improve won’t change that. For those with a fixed mindset, a failed task means that that person is simply not good at the task, rather than signaling that the person needs to work harder to improve.

Developing Growth Mindset

No one succeeds at everything they try (even when it may seem that way!). The next time you fail at something, remind yourself of the opportunities now available to you. Instead of saying “I failed”, say, “I didn’t succeed this time”. One, or even a hundred, failed attempts do not mean that the possibility for success is beyond your abilities. It simply means there is work yet to be done and potential yet to be unlocked within yourself.

Growth Mindset & Learning

One way a growth mindset can help you academically is by giving you the courage to continually challenge yourself. It can be easy to go for the easiest elective that you know you will do well in, and sometimes that may be a smart decision. However, to truly embrace this mindset, seek out courses that challenge you. Whether that’s Physics, Calculus, or Philosophy, a growth mindset views new subjects and skills as opportunities to expand your skillset and knowledge base.

If you’d like to practice your growth mindset, and earn OSSD credits in the process, feel free to check out our course offerings and challenge yourself to reach new heights!