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How OVS helps High-Perfomance Student Athletes

Many young student athletes find that their academic life interferes with their ability to pursue their sporting careers. Here at Ontario Virtual School, we have heard this from many of our students who previously attended brick and mortar schools, and we are glad that they found us, a school that was able to accommodate them and allow them to pursue their dreams.

Podcast S3 Ep 4. Adapting to School

A Brighter Future Podcast - OVS Podcast

In today’s podcast, Ms. Cuzner will be looking at ways to successfully adapt to education changes, mandatory online classes, and adapt to new technology and innovations. Different ways to be a successful student will be explored, and three new Tools for your Toolbelt will be discussed. This episode includes a Student Spotlight with International OVS

The OVS Podcast – A Brighter Future, Powered by OVS

Brighter Future Podcast Blog Header

Ontario Virtual School wanted a place for our teachers to share learning strategies and tools for students. All the OVS podcast episodes are still relevant today. These episodes are within 20 to 60 minutes in length and offer handy tips for improving your learning.

Ontario Virtual School on TikTok

Ontario Virtual School on TikTok - Header

Students are using social media platforms, especially TikTok, as a source for homework help and education support. TikTok is unique in that it allows educators to share knowledge in new and creative ways.

Ontario College Pathways: Engineering

Ontario College Pathways: Engineering - Header

Engineering is an ever growing and incredibly popular field of study. Those who enjoy looking at the world around them and trying to figure out the mechanics behind how things work will feel particularly drawn to it. Engineering has several different branches to it, allowing students a wide variety of focused disciplines to choose from.

Ontario College Pathways

At OVS, our goal is to help students achieve success in whatever pathway they choose. So, to help provide information and support for students seeking to attend college, we will be releasing a series of blogs that will help students understand their options, courses that they can take, and how to follow their pathway to post-secondary success at a college program.

Podcast S3 Ep 3. End of Semester Tips

A Brighter Future Podcast - OVS Podcast

In this episode of A Brighter Future, Powered by OVS, Alicia Cuzner will discuss how to prepare themselves for the end of the year, and the end of the semester. Listeners will learn about strategies and tools studying and planning for exams and projects. This podcast also includes an interview with OVS’s Vice Principal, Ms.

6 Tips for Studying During the 2023 Holiday Season

6 Tips for Studying During the 2023 Holiday Season

With the winter break approaching many students are gearing up for holiday celebrations with their families and friends. However, a break from daily grind of school or work can also be an important time to catch up on course work or prepare for final exams and tests that occur after the winter break.

As OUAC applications are due January 15th, students can also use this upcoming winter break to make sure they have the courses they need for their application or to quickly get a midterm or even a final report card in a course with OVS.

Courses Commonly Required for Undergraduate University Admissions

2023 Course for University Admission Header

For students in Grade 11 and 12, it’s important to start planning ahead to your post-secondary applications when it comes to selecting your courses. Unlike Grade 9 and 10, where the majority of your courses are compulsory subjects, Grade 11 and 12 offers far more elective options and choice. It can be daunting to try and select courses both based on the subjects you find interesting and the courses you’ll need to have in order to apply to the post-secondary school of your choice.

Understanding 2023 Graduation Requirements for Ontario Students

Understanding 2023 Graduation Requirements Blog Header

For parents and students alike, it can be hard to keep track of the changes and understand clearly everything that’s required to not only graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma but also apply to university or college.

In this blog, we’ll take an overall look at requirements for earning your OSSD so that you have a clear view on everything you or your child will need to know about completing high school.

OVS 2023 Middle School Program

2023 Middle School Blog Header

While originally starting out as a high school program, OVS has been making steady progress on branching out into Middle School programming, so that more students have access to an online education.

Whether you continue into high school courses with OVS or you decide to attend another high school, these five subjects in both Grade 7 and 8 are the core building blocks for creating a foundation of knowledge that students will use to be successful in high school.

Understanding the New 2023 OUAC Undergraduate Application

OUAC October 2023 Blog Header

This year, the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) is changing their application methods. Where previously 101 and 105 students were required to submit different applications, instead everyone will be applying under the OUAC Undergraduate Application. As part of this process, students no longer require PIN letters to be issued by their school. Instead, students are

Podcast S3 Ep 2. Thinking Skills

A Brighter Future Podcast - OVS Podcast

In this episode of A Brighter Future, Powered by OVS, Alicia Cuzner will discuss what thinking skills are, and how to develop metacognition skills in school. Listeners will learn about strategies and tools for problem solving and making connection. This podcast also includes a Student Spotlight with one of our OVS students, Nathan.

How OVS Helps Competitive Athletes Get an Education

How OVS Helps Competitive Athletes Get an Education

With Ontario Virtual School, students can customize their courses and learning to fit their needs, while also earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, which they can then use to apply to college and universities, not just within Canada, but internationally as well.

6 Courses To Take If You’re Interested in Communication Studies

Communications Technology Blog

Communication Studies is exactly what it sounds like, the study of human communication and behavior. Students majoring in Communications Studies will learn about effective forms of communication across multiple digital and analogue platforms and gain an understanding of how communication is affected through social, economic, political, and cultural lenses.

Reaching Ahead with 2023 Summer Courses

With the school year coming to an end and summer fast approaching, many students are starting to consider their summer plans. While summer is a great time to rest and relax, it can also be a good time to catch up on missed courses or reach ahead to take courses for the next school year.