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5 Real-World Skills e-Learning Teaches You


As we’ve noted before, skills are the bread and butter of resume building – the more you have, the better your odds of success become. And, while field-specific skills are important, employers also place great value on ‘real-world’ soft skills, which are far more difficult...

12 Ways to Manage Your Exam Stress


There’s no denying exam season is a stressful time. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to remember that while they are important, exams are not everything! What’s more, they do not determine your worth as a person – if you just had an internal ‘yeah,...

The Ultimate Pre-University Bucket List

Looking Forward to Summer: Part III


Part III: The Ultimate Bucket List for a Productive Summer before UniversitySummer break is amazing and great and everything fun, but all too often it breezes by without us having really accomplished anything. To make sure you avoid that end-of-summertime sadness, OVS is here with...

Looking Forward to Summer 2019: Part II


Part II: Resume writing for high school students: How to capitalize on the skills you already have! With summer break just around the corner, hundreds of businesses are on the lookout for interns and seasonal hires, and a lack of experience is no reason for you...

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