February 2024 Newsletter

As we start heading towards spring, senior students are starting to feel the pressure of completing high school, sending in records to go with their post-secondary applications, and preparing to graduate. With that in mind, this newsletter contains important information for senior students who are university bound next year!

OUAC Information

The next collection period for OUAC is from March 18th to April 25th. This collection period if for all available final grades (not previously sent during the last collection period) and midterm grades.

Updated records must be submitted to OUAC by no later than April 25th to ensure your marks are submitted to your university during OUAC’s transmission on May 2nd.

For more information on collection periods, please visit OUAC’s website. You can also check their site for other key dates.

OUAC Collection Period 3 2024

Adding OVS to OUAC

If you’re a part-time student with OVS and you need us to send records to OUAC directly, you’ll need to add OVS to your OUAC account. 

Please review this video tutorial, starting at 3:15 for a step-by-step run-through of this process.

When adding OVS to your school, you must include the following info:

    • Start date: the month you started with OVS this year.
    • End date: 2024 06
    • Degree type: OSSD
    • Highest level of achievement: 12
    • Be sure to save and submit changes once you have added OVS

New OVS Courses

NBE3U: Grade 11 English Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Voices

Students in Ontario now have options when it comes to achieving their Grade 11 English credit. They can take the standard ENG3U or ENG3C course or they can take the newer NBE3U Grade 11 English: Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Voices.

This course explores the themes, forms, and stylistic elements of a variety of literary, informational, graphic, oral, cultural, and media text forms emerging from First Nations, Métis, and Inuit cultures in Canada, and also examines the perspectives and influence of texts that relate to those cultures.

FRA6G: Grade 6 Core French

We are currently working to expand our selection of Grade 6-8 courses available for students.

Grade 6 Core French provides students with the opportunity to use their previous knowledge and apply new vocabulary and writing conventions to explore topics related to the social studies curriculum by exploring topics in French Canadian history. As beginning language learners, they will learn new vocabulary that will help them describe physical appearances, personalities, describe sports and hobbies, use formal and informal writing conventions, explore various French-speaking cultural traditions, identify environmental issues, just to name a few.

Upgrade/Repeat Courses

At OVS, we want to see students successfully complete courses and be able to pursue their post-secondary goals. Sometimes, you don’t always get the mark you were hoping for the first time you take a course, and if it’s a requirement you need for a post-secondary program, it can feel like your goals might be out of reach.

However, with OVS you can repeat a course and complete it in as little as 3 weeks, which means there is still time to improve your grade before offers for university or college admission are released.

With an Upgrade course, you are not required to watch all the lessons, only as many as you need to refresh the material. This allows you to focus on problem areas or subjects you might struggle with, while not having to repeat other lessons that you have a solid grasp on.

Depending on the course you’re upgrading, some assignments will become optional, which allows you to submit less work to earn your final grades. However, if students need the extra boost in their marks, you can complete some optional work to try and enhance your grade.

With our Upgrade courses, it’s absolutely still possible to get the course completed and submitted to OUAC or OCAS so your post-secondary program can see it.

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