Engineering: A Pathway to the Future

Engineering A Pathway to the Future - Feature

The path to higher education opens after you graduate high school. If you want to enter academia through university, or if you want hands-on career training via a college program, you need to have a high-school diploma first. For students committed to STEM education at the university level, you’ll need to focus on stellar marks

The Importance of Setting Study Goals

The Importance of Setting Study Goals 1

For many students it can be easy to get sidetracked and procrastinate on homework. Sometimes you look at the amount of work you need to do and it seems like too much, or you get distracted by other activities you might rather be doing. This is why setting study goals for yourself can help. You

Digital Tools That Can Boost Your Grades

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Are your grades not as high as you’d like them to be? There’s no need to feel defeated — you can improve your schoolwork and bump up your grades with the help of some simple digital tools. Grammarly: If you want to boost the marks on your essays, then you should consider downloading Grammarly. Grammarly

Master STEM Classes Through e-Learning


The right online high school should understand remote learning — and at OVS, we’ve been doing it for over a decade. We’ve got the experience and the technology to provide comprehensive e-Learning programs to students all over Ontario. We offer Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) high school online courses, and we’re inspected by the Ontario

A Simple Alternative to Homeschooling Teens

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More parents are pulling their children out of classrooms and starting homeschooling than ever before. If you like the appeal of homeschooling for your teen, but you don’t want to be a homeschool teacher, don’t worry — there’s a simple alternative out there. That simple alternative is online schooling. The Trouble with Homeschooling One of

May 2022 Newsletter

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Graduation Graduation is right around the corner. Senior students need to be finishing up their courses and taking the necessary steps required for their post-secondary education. First, senior students at OVS will need to know which one of 3 groups they fall into:     Once you know which group you fall under there are

Why OVS Is One of Ontario’s Top Virtual High Schools

Why OVS Is One of Ontarios Top Virtual High Schools - Feature

It’s hard to imagine an industry more impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic than education. Across the world, educational institutions have had to redesign and rebuild to serve a student base that is social distancing at home. This has been a jarring adjustment for many, but there are educational institutions that have extensive experience developing and

Is School Stressing Out Your Teen?

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Your teen is showing clear signs of stress. They’re having trouble sleeping. They’re not eating regular meals. They’re irritable, anxious and overwhelmed. What could be making them so stressed out? Heavy Workload Teens have a lot on their plates. They have a full school day with homework and projects to tackle once they get home.

Online Tools That Can Help Teens Study

Online Tools that can help teens study

It’s common for parents to scold their teens for spending too much time on their smartphones and computers, especially when they should be doing their homework. But could their tech actually help them study better? These are some online tools that will help your teen focus on their studies. Music Apps: Music can improve focus,