How Can You Bulk Up Your Resume?

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Your resume is looking a little sparse, and you want to add more to it so that you look like an ideal candidate to employers. The problem is that you have no idea how! Here are four things that you can do to bulk up your resume, even when you have a busy schedule. 1.

How OVS Applies Mayer’s 12 Principles of Multimedia Learning

How OVS Applies Mayers 12 Principles of Multimedia Learning - Feature 1

More and more high school students are considering switching from a traditional day school to an online school or supplementing their traditional pathway with online courses to help them get an edge. Many are attracted to learning in a virtual environment because they find that being freed from conventional school schedules opens up time for

Podcast Ep 4. Mood and Mindset

A Brighter Future Podcast - OVS Podcast

In this episode we will talk behaviour, mood, and mindset. Emotions often dictate our behaviour, and we explore strategies to observe ourselves and change our behaviour. A key area we explore is mindfulness, and tools we can apply to our lives to be mindful.  

OVS Presents: 5 Online Learning Myths — Debunked

OVS Presents 5 Online Learning Myths Debunked - Feature 1

As more research is being performed into how students learn, we are discovering that some students are able to take control of their learning journey and can process information in an online environment better than others. Across Canada, schools are developing hybrid or stand-alone online programs, while other institutions are dedicated solely to providing world-class

Unsure of what you want to do beyond high school?

What to do after high school?

For some students, deciding what they want to do beyond high school is a simple matter. Maybe they already discovered their particular passion and are working hard towards their goals. However, for many students, figuring out what to do after graduation is quite a difficult task. Asking someone to make decisions for adulthood before they

How eLearning Prepares Students for Remote Education in University

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Even before COVID-19 sent everyone back home to study, universities were planning a large-scale pivot to online learning. These plans have been thrown into overdrive as the pandemic continues to change the way people approach work and education. Increasingly, universities are releasing programs either entirely online, or supplementing conventional programs with eLearning elements. Learning remotely

April 2022 Newsletter

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Midterm Season Is Upon Us The OUAC midterm collection period is fast approaching. High school seniors are hard a work getting grades in to apply to post-secondary institutions. At OVS, our students need to submit their required midterm work by APRIL 15th if they want to get their midterm submitted before the official last day

Introducing our newest educational partner the Nordic Hockey Academy

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At OVS we strive to create lasting and constructive partnerships with many entities worldwide. We serve as an educational partner for several international programs and athletic associations to help students all over the world achieve academic success. We are happy to introduce one of our newest athletic partners, the Nordic Hockey Academy, which was originally

Three Ways OVS can help Grade 12 students reach their post-secondary goals

Three Ways OVS can help Grade 12 students reach their post-secondary goals

As students move through Grade 12, they are also faced with beginning their journey into post-secondary education, completing applications for enrollment and scholarships. At this time, many students may worry about reaching their post-secondary goals. For those students, Ontario Virtual School is here to help.     Access to increased course selection As students approach