Three Ways OVS can help Grade 12 students reach their post-secondary goals

Three Ways OVS can help Grade 12 students reach their post-secondary goals

As students move through Grade 12, they are also faced with beginning their journey into post-secondary education, completing applications for enrollment and scholarships. At this time, many students may worry about reaching their post-secondary goals. For those students, Ontario Virtual School is here to help.


Three Ways OVS can help Grade 12 students reach their post-secondary goals


Access to increased course selection

As students approach high school graduation, many find that the programs they want to take in college or university require that they first take particular high school courses. Unfortunately, this is not always easy for all students. Not all schools offer all courses, leaving many students without access. Even schools that do offer the courses a student needs may have those courses fill up quickly, or only be offered at times that conflict with a student’s other required courses. This is actually a common reason that students enroll in Ontario Virtual School. With our wide selection of courses, all of which can be taken on a student’s own schedule, students can earn the credits they need, even if they cannot take them at their own local school. With OVS, students can open up a wider range of high school courses, and thus a wider range of post-secondary options.

Upgrade Courses

Sometimes a student finds that they need a higher grade in a course they’ve already finished. Perhaps they found the course particularly difficult and didn’t attain as high a grade as they wished. Sometimes a student may complete a course, but feel that they did not grasp the material as strongly as they should, even if it was enough to earn the credit. Other times, they may apply for a post-secondary program, only to find that it is highly competitive, and they need to upgrade a grade they previously thought was high enough. For reasons like these, Ontario Virtual School offers Upgrade Courses. These courses allow students the opportunity to re-take courses they’ve already completed, to enhance learning and allow students the opportunity to upgrade their marks. When students enroll in OVS’s upgrade courses, they are also able to complete the course faster than usual, in as little as three weeks (though if they wish, they still have the choice to take up to twelve months). As students have already completed the course, they may be able to re-do some sections quickly, while focusing more on others. This allows students to deal with situations where deadlines may be approaching, such as for enrollment or scholarship applications. This way, students can ensure that they are maximizing their chances to reach their post-secondary dreams.

More control over your graduating year

The final year of high school can be a stressful one, as students are approaching a transition in their lives, applying for jobs and post-secondary opportunities, while still tackling the complex courses they are taking in school. Being given some control over their situations is one way students can be helped through this time in their lives. With Ontario Virtual School, students are able to not only choose a wide array of courses, but to complete them at their own pace, on their own schedule, and from whatever location they choose. Some students may wish to focus on one course completely, then focus on another later, working through each one faster than if they had to focus on three or four courses at once. Other students may wish to focus on five or six courses at once, but spread them all out over an entire year, instead of breaking them up into semesters. Students can take several courses at their regular schools, but choose to take one or more courses with OVS, knowing that they will count for Ontario Secondary School Credits, and thus decrease the number of courses they need at their regular schools. Classes can be taken at any hour of the day, whenever the student has the time, from wherever a student happens to be, allowing for a much more flexible schedule, and for students to have more control over whatever issues they may face. With this additional control over their own graduating year, students can feel confident that outside pressures will not impact their grades just as they are applying for post-secondary programs. Students will never have to choose between missing a day of school or fulfilling another commitment. They can ensure they put their best foot forward.