Unsure of what you want to do beyond high school?

What to do after high school?

For some students, deciding what they want to do beyond high school is a simple matter. Maybe they already discovered their particular passion and are working hard towards their goals. However, for many students, figuring out what to do after graduation is quite a difficult task. Asking someone to make decisions for adulthood before they have even reached that stage of their life can leave many people unsure of how to respond. At Ontario Virtual School, we have students in both of these categories, and have strategies to help students at any stage of their decision-making process.

Dedicated Guidance Department

At OVS, our dedicated Guidance Department is here to help and Pathway Support is one of their specialties. Among the other support we provide our students, helping you plan for the future is one of our primary concerns. Perhaps you are nearing graduation and want some advice on what to do afterward. Maybe you still have some high school courses left to complete and want some advice on which courses would be most helpful for reaching your particular post-graduation goals. Possibly you’re just beginning Junior High or High School, and want some advice on planning your future, even at this early stage. Having a strong plan can help you set your best goals and ensure you reach them.

Your Free Career Test

Students may also consider options such as Your Free Career Test. By visiting this website and clicking on “Take the free test,” you are directed to a short, three-minute quiz, designed to help you find different career fields which may interest you. Your results are ranked, with detailed information and ideas for next-steps in many different careers. You can even save your results (without making an account) and update your responses, to get more detailed and accurate results later, as you consider your thoughts on various careers, fields, and topics. If you don’t feel like taking the quiz, you can look through their wide list of careers to get some ideas. Maybe you’ll find an option you never even considered before! All of this is in addition to detailed guides on how to apply for College and University, as well as guides on different degrees.

What to do after high school

Here at OVS, we know many students find considering their life after graduation to be a daunting prospect, but we are here to help. Our Guidance Department is happy to provide not just resources, but personal discussion and advice, to make sure that all of our students find the best outcomes possible, not just during High School, but well beyond.