8 Courses To Take In 2023 If You’re Interested In Journalism

2023: 8 Courses To Take If Your Interested In Journalism

Journalism is an excellent career option for people who have a passion for writing and want to report on the issues and events that affect people, both locally and globally. There are a lot of different types of journalism, both in the topics being covered (politics, crime, business, arts, education, sports etc.) as well as the method of distribution (print, television, radio etc.). No matter the specific area, there are a few key skills that can be applied to all types of journalism.

If you are a high school student looking to have a future career in journalism, Ontario Virtual School offers several important classes that will not only prepare you for your post-secondary education, but also help to build a foundation of skills and knowledge that you’ll use in your future career.

1. Grade 12 University English



ENG4U is usually the only required course for most general journalism programs. This course helps to teach students important literacy and communication skills. It will also develop student’s ability to think critically and creatively, both of which are essential when it comes to a career in journalism.

2. Grade 12 Canadian and World Issues



CGW4U covers a wide range of topics such as demographics, economics, world conflicts, environmental sustainability, and more. Understanding the issues that affect Canadians and the world is important for any budding journalist. In order to write about current events with authority, understanding, and compassion, students will need to have a broad perspective and knowledge of the current problems of the world as a whole.

3. Grade 12 Canadian and International Law



CLN4U is a great course for gaining basic understand of Canadian and international law. Students will learn about how the law intersects with social, political and global contexts. They will also gain an understand of how history and philosophical ideas have influenced current law practices.

4. Grade 12 Canadian and International Politics



CPW4U will teach students about the political climate, both in Canada and internationally. They will learn how to investigate political issues and events while developing their own opinions about them. Being aware of the current political climate and having knowledge about decision making policies will help future journalist report on these important topics with authority.

5. Grade 12 Writer’s Craft



EWC4U is all about developing a writer’s communication skills and their creativity. Though journalists are writing about real facts and events, they need to have the ability to communicate the information effectively, while holding the attention of an audience. This course will teach students about the art of writing and give them essential tools they’ll need to succeed in journalism.

6. Grade 12 Challenge and Change in Society



HSB4U teaches students about social science theories and perspectives, while helping them to understand how society influences or impacts attitudes and behaviours. In order to report on current events and issues, journalists need to have a comprehensive understanding of the society that are writing for and about.

7. Grade 12 Indigenous Issues


NDW4M focuses on the Indigenous perspective when it comes to both local and global issues such as identity, social justice, human rights, as well as political, social and economic challenges. One of the most important parts of being a journalist is to understand perspectives other than their own. By learning about the many different Indigenous groups, both in Canada and globally, future journalism students taking this course can gain a new perspective on the world.

8. Grade 12 Communications Technology



TGJ4M focuses on the continued development of media skills. The Communications Technology courses teaches students valuable skills in digital media such as TV production, audio production, print and graphic communications, photography, and broadcast journalism. In this modern digital age, journalist not only need to have excellent writing skills, but also digital media skills as well.

Taking these courses through an online high school like OVS, will also aid students in developing skills such as independent work, time management, digital literacy, and organization, all of which are required to be a good journalist. So, if you’re planning on a career in journalism, these eight courses will help you get there.