How OVS Helps Adults Continue Their Education

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Any educator will tell you that learning is a lifelong process. While we often think that education ends when we exit high school or post-secondary, that is not the case! We continue learning in the workforce and in our everyday lives. Often this learning takes place on-the-job, but sometimes, changing career paths means returning to formal education.

Of course, we can’t expect mature students to abandon their day-to-day obligations to attend classes for several hours each day. Indeed, balancing adult responsibilities with a student’s schedule can be quite a challenge under traditional models. Fortunately, Ontario Virtual School’s self-paced online model makes finding this balance becomes much more feasible.

Earning Your Diploma As A Mature Student

Additionally, there are many circumstances that force individuals to leave high school before graduation. Whatever the initial circumstance, most students who didn’t graduate in their teenage years make the decision to return and earn their diploma as adults. After all, high school graduates enjoy much better odds of finding stable employment. Graduating high school also opens countless opportunities for post-secondary study.

Changing Pathways As A Mature Student

Even mature graduates often find that taking additional high school courses can help improve their job opportunities. Whether you’re embarking on a new pathway or just looking to upgrade particular marks, taking high school courses can help students of all ages gain entry into lucrative college or university programs.

How OVS Can Help

Yet, finding the time to dedicate to schooling often presents a significant challenge. Luckily, Ontario Virtual School makes finding that time much easier! At OVS, your course is available to you 24/7, with no required sign-in times, so you are free to study whenever best suits your schedule. Plus, you can pause and replay our pre-recorded lessons as often as you like. And, with no deadlines on any assignments and up to a full year to complete any course, OVS offers the flexibility and time you need to do your best work.

So, if you are interested in returning to earn your high school diploma or to take additional credits to open new career pathways, OVS is here to help! For more information on our mature student program, visit our website. You can also read testimonials from our alumni, including other mature students whose situations may reflect your own. If you’d like to discuss your options further, please book a guidance appointment with one of our dedicated counsellors.

OVS has helped many mature students achieve their academic goals.
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