Why Virtual School is a Good Option for Mature Students

Mature students at OVS

There are plenty of reasons why someone may have to leave high school before graduating. However, having a high school diploma is very beneficial and can open many personal and professional doors in a person’s life. A diploma allows students to pursue post-secondary education and secure more stable and better-paying employment. It also sets the foundation for many life skills that are needed in order to live a successful life.

Going back to high school as a mature student can be extremely daunting — it may have been years since you last stepped foot in a classroom, and your classmates will likely be much younger than you. However, these worries shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your diploma. At Ontario Virtual School, we want to help adults continue their education by making earning their diplomas as accessible as possible.

Pursuing any level of education at any age is a worthwhile endeavour. We firmly believe that learning is a lifelong endeavour. Whether in a classroom setting, at work, or just in our daily life, we are always learning new things. The experience you’ve gained since leaving high school may actually benefit you when you return to school and make learning the material easier. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for career changes to require people to go back to school later in life.

Let’s look at how Ontario Virtual School makes going back to virtual high school as a mature student much more manageable, accessible, and conducive to success.

No Set Class Times

Finding the time to go back to school is one of the biggest deterrents for mature students. At Ontario Virtual School, we offer our students full flexibility when it comes to attending lessons. Asynchronous classes don’t have a set time that you need to be online. You won’t have to attend any live lectures or work through any in-class assignments. Instead, the learning materials for the course you are taking are made accessible to you 24/7, meaning students can work on completing their online high school credits whenever they have time.

This flexibility means that completing your education while juggling jobs, childcare, and other life events is actually feasible. You can complete your work after work, once the kids have gone to bed, or whatever other time that works for you!

No Strict Deadlines

At Ontario Virtual School, there are no strict deadlines for assignments like there would be with traditional in-person school. Instead, assignments only have to be submitted by the final date of the course. We understand that not everyone has the same things going on in their lives, and thus having the same due date for every student simply doesn’t make sense.

Not only does this give students the chance to complete assignments when they have the time, but it also allows them to spend more time on their assignments so they can turn in the highest quality work they are capable of. Often when students have deadlines, they feel rushed to complete their assignments and thus don’t hand in their best work. By nixing deadlines, we give students all the time they need to show their understanding and receive the best grade possible.

No Commuting to Campus

Not having to commute to and from a physical campus can save students a lot of time and money. Not every student will have access to a vehicle to get them to and from campus, meaning some students will spend hours on public transport each day. Not only does this cut into their personal time, but it also limits their ability to have a job outside of school.

By eliminating a daily commute, students can continue to do the things they love outside of school. A healthy school-life balance can help promote overall good health, which is critical for academic success.

Study at Your Own Pace

Our flexible model allows students to finish their courses as quickly as possible or take as long as they need. Courses can be completed in as little as four weeks or can be worked through over the course of a whole year.

This can be especially beneficial for mature students who may already have an understanding of the material presented in the courses they’re taking or who are upgrading high school marks. These students can get through their courses much faster than they would be able to in traditional school, meaning they can get to graduation much faster. Students who need a bit of extra time can take longer to complete their courses so they can continue to work or continue with their regular daily lives on top of their education.

Customize Your Course Load

Students have the option to choose either between either full-time or part-time enrollment. More than 80% of OVS students are only taking one or two courses at a time. Because our courses can be completed over the course of a year with no strict deadlines for completing lessons or assignments, OVS courses fit easily into your busy schedule.

For example, if you’re only one math credit short of your high school diploma, you can just take MHF4U or SCH4U online and be done in a matter of weeks.

Virtual School is Conducive to Success

When you’re a teenager, going to high school is a requirement. However, as soon as you turn 18, you are no longer required to attend school if you don’t want to. If you are considering going back to school later in life, that indicates a desire to learn and be in the classroom. Because of this desire to learn and get your diploma, you are much more likely to complete your education.

Our teachers at Ontario Virtual School are committed to helping you succeed and are available to you whenever you need help or guidance throughout your schooling. Although classes are virtual and asynchronous, you will have access to your instructor during set office hours. During this time, you can get assistance on assignments, ask questions about the material, and seek guidance regarding your education.