Podcast S2 Ep 2. Accommodations Vs. Modification

In this episode, Alicia Cuzner and Dwayne Matthews will discuss the difference between accommodation and modification at school. Our hosts will unpack what counts as an accommodation, and how we all accommodate ourselves every day. Listen to learn about what a modified curriculum is, and how it can impact your education journey. This episode also

Podcast S2 Ep 1. What is an IEP?

In this episode Alicia Cuzner and Dwayne Matthews will discuss what an IEP is, and the misconceptions behind IEPs. Our hosts unpack the challenges behind getting an IEP made, as well as the stigmas behind IEPs and learning disabilities. Listen to find our more about what an IEP is, and how everyone should have one.

Podcast Ep 4. Mood and Mindset

In this episode we will talk behaviour, mood, and mindset. Emotions often dictate our behaviour, and we explore strategies to observe ourselves and change our behaviour. A key area we explore is mindfulness, and tools we can apply to our lives to be mindful.  

Podcast Ep 3. Executive Functioning and Memory Strategies

In this episode we will discuss what executive functioning is, and how it impacts our every day lives. This episode is dedicated to strategies that you can use while learning, and in your life, to make tasks easier.  

Podcast Ep 2. Sleep, Memory, and Learning

In this episode we will break down how the brain works, and why sleep is so important. We will discuss the types of memory, and how sleep impacts memory. Learning and memorization can be difficult for some, so we share some tips and tricks to unlock your learning abilities.

Podcast Ep 1. How Online Learning Can Help Mental Health

In this episode we will discuss how virtual learning has actually been beneficial for some students and their mental health. This includes talking about bullying, microaggressions, racism, general anxiety students face and how through online learning, there has been a drop in this.