5 Tips For Avoiding Senioritis

This is it. The stress of applying to schools and submitting midterms is over. You’ve chosen your path for the fall and you’re ready for summer to just get here already! It’s a time of relief and celebration – and it’s also prime season for senioritis. Senioritis is the toxic mindset born out of boredom,

Why online schooling makes sense

Online schooling is completely different from traditional schooling and offers its own set of benefits. Students can receive a high quality education, flexible schedules, integrated technology, connections with teachers and friends online and best of all, students are given the opportunity to thrive. Online schools are built on a platform that is based on an

OVS is Spearheading the Integration of Gizmos in Online Science & Math

How does OVS stay ahead of the competition? By integrating Gizmos across our interactive e-learning platform in all Science & Math courses to help sustain our students’ interest in course content. This innovative technology also helps to stimulate conversational, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills! OVS Principal Bhogal, is very excited to partner with ExploreLearning and their Gizmo technology to