Mathieu Lapierre

Mathieu Lapierre is a talented young athlete, with big dreams both academically and athletically. To help him juggle both sets of goals, Mathieu enrolled as a full-time student with Ontario Virtual School, through our partnership with Quebec’s elite athletic school Northern Pre-University.

With Ontario Virtual School’s fully online platform, Mathieu’s education was literally in the palm of his hand – accessible through the device of his choosing. And, with our self-paced model, there were no prescribed class times, no due dates, and no “filler” assignments to pass the time – just the material he needed to learn, interactive multimedia lessons, and access to an OCT-certified teacher to help whenever he needed. Without the time constraints of a traditional school schedule, Mathieu was able pursue his studies in English Literature, Functions, Calculus, Economics, Law, and Business, all the while maintaining his rigorous training schedule.

With this high degree of freedom and flexibility, Lapierre was able to maintain a high academic average, graduating top of his class in Fall of 2018. We are proud to say that Mathieu has been accepted to Concordia University’s School of Business.

Congratulations Mathieu, we wish you all the best in your future studies!