Full Time Student Info

In order to be considered a full-time student at OVS, a student must meet the following three criteria:

– You are not currently enrolled at an Ontario day school OR you are seeking to withdraw your enrollment from an Ontario day school
– You intend to complete at least 6 credits per grade level through OVS*
– At the time of transfer or enrollment, it is your intention to complete all remaining requirements and earn your diploma (OSSD) through OVS

*Note: A student must register for a minimum of 3 credits before OVS will issue a request for OSR from the previous school. Students looking to have their records requested prior to meeting this credit minimum will be required to pay a $200 non-transferable administrative fee. Once a student has registered for 4 credits, the administrative fee will be waived.

Registering as a Full-Time Student:

If you know the courses you need to take, you can simply register for at least 3 courses & select “Full-Time” at checkout. Then, email [email protected] with your full name and the name of the Ontario school that currently holds your academic records (if applicable). You should also indicate at this time if you are intending to graduate within the current academic year. Our administration will then file the request with your school to have your records transferred to our offices.


Don’t see your question or situation outlined here? Feel free to reach out to our office to discuss you or your child’s options for enrolling with OVS full-time. Our advisors are happy to help you make the transition to online-only learning!

What does it mean to be “Full-Time” with OVS?

Our flexible model means that the majority of our students are considered part-time (i.e. only taking 1-2 courses). Full-time students are those who take the majority of their credits in a given year through OVS, and whose academic student records our administration maintains. This means that in order to be considered a full-time student with OVS, eligible students must connect with our administration to have their records transferred to our office.

Can OVS graduate me?

Yes. We are fully inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and are therefore eligible to issue the OSSD to students who satisfy its requirements through our school. Eligible students must complete a minimum of 6 credits through Ontario Virtual School.

Is an OSSD earned through Ontario Virtual School the same as an OSSD earned at a regular day school?

Yes, it is. Upon completion of all OSSD requirements, we will mail a hard copy of your final transcript and official Ontario Secondary School Diploma to your home address on file. This diploma is issued to us by the Ontario Ministry of Education and is the exact same document as would be issued to you through a traditional day school. Unfortunately, we do not offer formal, in-person graduation services. As an official Ministry-issued document, our OSSD is accepted by post-secondary institutions around the world.

What is the OSSLT? Do I still have to complete this requirement if I study online through OVS?

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is a standardized test that all secondary school students must successfully complete in order to receive their OSSD. This test measures whether or not students are meeting the minimum standard for literacy across all subjects up to the end of Grade 9.

The test is administered by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) only once each year, meaning all students across the province write this test on the same date, usually a day in late March. Students are expected to take the OSSLT in Grade 10, unless a deferral is granted by the principal. Students who do not successfully complete the OSSLT at this point will have the opportunity to retake the test in subsequent years.

How can I write my OSSLT through OVS?

Yes, full-time OVS students who have never previously attempted the OSSLT are eligible to write the test at our Toronto office. For students writing in-office, a $200 fee will apply. For non-local students, they may elect to write the test at an alternative location. This location must be pre-approved by both the EQAO office and OVS Admin. For students who choose to write the test off-site, a $500 will apply.

Students who were unsuccessful in previous writings of the OSSLT will be considered eligible to take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC4O) to satisfy the OSSD’s literacy requirement.

Is the fee structure the same for full-time students?

Full-time students are eligible to save $50 off each listed course fee by using applicable discount codes at checkout, or by paying using pre-arranged payment. Please contact our office for more information about pre-arranged payment. Please note: full payment is still required at time of purchase.

Do I need to register for all courses at once? Can I take one at a time?

You do not have to register for all credits in a given grade level at the same time. You are free to stagger their enrollment and pacing as meets your schedule and financial situation. With that said, please note that OVS will not officially file the paperwork to become your home school until you have registered for at least 3 credits and emailed our administration to request the transfer of records.

I’m not sure what courses I still need to take to graduate, can OVS help me with course selection?

Absolutely! Simply email your most up-to-date transcripts to [email protected] and our guidance team will assist you with your course selection prior to registering.

I am a current OVS student taking multiple courses. How do I know if OVS already has my records?

Students whose records we house will have access to a special “Guidance” tab within their student portal, where they can track their progress towards the OSSD. Simply put, if you do not see this tab in your left-hand navigation menu, our office has not recognized you as a full-time student. If you would like to become a full-time student at OVS (and you meet the criteria listed above), please connect with our administration as soon as possible.

I am a grade 8/9 student looking to make OVS my full-time school. What is required for the OSSD?

Ontario Virtual School follows the same OSSD requirements as a standard day school, including 30 credits with a mix of compulsory and elective credits, 40 hours of community involvement, and completion of the Literacy requirement. In order for us to officially become your full-time school for Grade 9, you would need to register for at least 4 credits to start and then connect with [email protected] to provide the contact information for your elementary school so we can request your records. We can also help with course selection over email, if you are not sure what to begin with!

I am an Out-of-Province, Homeschooled or International student. Can I study through OVS?

Yes, you can! However, students who have never previously attended an Ontario school should email [email protected] prior to registering, including a scanned copy of their government-issue photo ID (i.e. passport or driver’s license), as well as their most recent academic transcripts (translated into English, if necessary). Our guidance team will assess your academic history to grant equivalencies within the Ontario system and work with you to determine appropriate course selections.

I am a mature student looking to complete my OSSD online, can OVS help me do that?

Yes, we can! Please email [email protected] with your most recent academic transcripts and proof of age. We will assess your equivalencies and work with you to create a plan for your graduation.