March 2021 Newsletter

Spring is Just Around the Corner!

Although March Break may no longer be taking place in March, the third month of the year brings longer days and brighter rays – and we think that’s something to smile about!


It’s that time again!

Are you applying to university this year? Then you should be well aware that OUAC’s third and final collection period for midterms is just around the corner! They will be collecting midterm marks from March 15th through until April 22nd. We will be posting key deadlines in a few short weeks, so keep you eye out for updated bulletins on your course homepage!

Already had your midterm processed, but forgot to have it sent to OUAC? Simply email [email protected] and we’ll have it updated in a jiff! Want universities to know you’re taking the course? Email us to have your enrollment submitted for all to see!

Remember, in order for us to add any marks or enrollment to your OUAC profile, you need to first add “Ontario Virtual School” as an alternate school in the “Academic Information” section of your OUAC account. This blog will show you how!

Are you enjoying your course(s) with OVS?

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Your Thought Just Landed Here… Focusing on Your Mental Health

When it comes to preserving our mental health, talking about it is step #1. In this month’s mental health feature, aptly entitled “A Guide to Reaching Out”, we outline ways to initiate these conversations, help you understand what you can expect from reaching out, and provide you with a wide array of resources for outreach.