Why 2022 is the year to enroll in OVS


As many students, or families of students, are aware, things have been very hectic in the world of education for the last few years. With advances in technology, as well as changes in society, the classroom of 2022 has many changes compared to the classroom of 2012, and even the classroom of 2021! Here at Ontario Virtual School, we embrace change, and encourage our students to do the same. But we also understand that changes must be done carefully, to ensure we keep the best of the old, while taking advantage of new methods and ideas. While some students and families may be nervous about enrolling in a new school, and a fully online school, at that, there are many reasons why 2022 is the year to enroll in OVS.

Get the most out of online schooling

In 2022, many students may have had experience with online schooling, but most of those students do not have experience with a system designed from the ground up for online schooling. While other schools have made admirable efforts at making their content and curriculum accessible online, students around the world are familiar with the issues that appear when trying to fit plans and methods designed for in-person learning into an online experience. With Ontario Virtual School, this is not an issue. As our entire school is designed around the online experience, and has been refining that experience for over a decade, we can ensure that not only will students face no confusion or difficulty related to trying to complete in-person activities online, but students will be able to take advantage of brand new methods and opportunities that take full advantage of this technology.




Find stability in a turbulent era for schools

Here in Ontario, and around the world, students are now very familiar with the constantly and quickly changing rules and regulations around schools. One month, students may be discouraged or even prevented from in-person learning, but soon after, they may be encouraged or required to leave the online environment and go back to the classroom, only for these suggestions or regulations to switch back some time later. A disruption of any kind can be detrimental to learning, and significant ones of this type may be even more so. But with Ontario Virtual School, students and families can be ensured of a stable education experience. When students enroll with OVS and become acquainted with our unique Learning Management System, they can be confident that there will be no disruptions to this system for the duration of their course, aside from the quality upgrades we are always striving to implement. With OVS, students don’t need to worry about or focus on radical changes to their schedules or routines or methods of learning, they can instead just focus on their learning.

Take more control over you own education

By taking advantage of all the methods and options available to us as an online school, Ontario Virtual School is able to offer students more control over their own learning. Due to not being molded around old methods, OVS offers unique advantages not seen by most schools, such as the ability to take classes whenever you want, at any time of day that is convenient for you. In fact, students can complete entire courses at their own pace, in as little as four weeks, or as long as one year. With all of the changes going on in the rest of the world, we understand that a student’s schedule may not stay the same for an entire semester,
but with OVS, it doesn’t need to. Perhaps students are taking some classes with OVS, and some classes with a different school. Normally in a situation like this, if the other school’s schedule changes, as has been happening the last few years, it might cause a major conflict for a student taking courses with two schools. If one of those schools is Ontario Virtual School, though,
then the student has no cause for concern. Perhaps circumstances mean a student has to move. Usually, moving can be a very disruptive event for a student, as it involves changing schools. Ontario Virtual School goes wherever the student goes, even outside Ontario, or around the world. With Ontario Virtual School, students have the flexibility and control to help them get the most out of their own education.



Education continues to evolve over the years, and so does Ontario Virtual School. As the world moves more and more toward online learning, we continue advancing our methods, already refined with over a decade of experience. So with that in mind, maybe you’ll find that 2022 is the year for you to enroll with OVS, and take full advantage of what online learning has to offer.