Westcoast Int’l Ed. partners with OVS to help students through the COVID Crisis

Ontario Virtual School partners with many schools and agencies across the globe to help provide students with the opportunity to study the Ontario curriculum from anywhere in the world.

Westcoast International Education Consulting is one such partner. W.I.E. Japan helps Japanese students arrange to study in Canada. Westcoast helps each of their students develop a unique plan to study abroad, ensuring that the arrangements suit their personal circumstances. With Westcoast, every student is guaranteed a fulfilling experience in their travels.

Now, you might wonder why Japanese students would be interested in studying in Canada. The fact is there are many reasons students from Japan choose to study in Canada. Of course, one of the main benefits is international language skills. By studying in Canada, W.I.E. Japan’s students are immersed in an English-speaking environment that allows them to practice and perfect their language skills over the course of their studies. Their experience here also helps them learn about international culture, providing an advantage in global-minded business careers, as well as domestic career opportunities that favour international knowledge and experience.

Typically, W.I.E. Japan arranges for its students to spend the school year in British Columbia (hence the emphasis on Westcoast in their name). This allows for ease of travel back to Japan each summer. However, due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, international travel has become much more difficult. Earlier this summer, it seemed as though this cohort of students was going to lose an entire year of their education due to ongoing COVID travel restrictions. Luckily, Westcoast was able to partner with Ontario Virtual School, allowing these students to continue their international education.

What are the benefits of this partnership you may wonder? With the help of OVS, Westcoast has arranged for all of their B.C. registered students to complete their Grade 12 year within the Ontario Secondary School system. This means each student will earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, thanks to the arrangement of transfer credits for each student. As a result of this partnership, students and their families can rest assured that there will be no further obstacles standing in the way of the secondary school completion.

This partnership between Westcoast International Education and Ontario Virtual School has now opened doors for other students across Japan, who will now be able to take Ontario Secondary School courses and internationally-recognized Ontario Secondary School Diplomas without ever having to leave their home country, or indeed, without leaving their own homes! And, should they choose to pursue college or university in Ontario, they will be eligible to apply as an Ontario student, avoiding exorbitant international applicant fees.

Ontario Virtual School is proud to partner with organizations like Westcoast International Education, working together to provide even students around the world with a high-quality Canadian education! To find out more about partnership opportunities with OVS, visit our website.