Upgrade Courses

Upgrade courses allow students who have already taken a course to retake it in order to improve their understanding and mark.

Upgraded courses cover the same Ministry expectations as the original course. However, students should be able to progress through the course at a faster pace. 

To qualify for an Upgrade Credit Course, the student needs to have completed the course and attained a passing mark. After you register, send evidence of your successful prior completion of the course you are upgrading.

If you are interested in upgrading a course, please add a course(s) you wish to register for to the shopping cart and checkout when ready to proceed.

Upgrade CoursesPrerequisite CourseBook OptionFee (CAD) 
BAT4MFinancial Accounting PrinciplesUniversity/CollegePrerequisite(s): BAF3M$499
BBB4MInternational Business FundamentalsUniversity/CollegePrerequisite(s): None

ENG4UEnglishUniversityPrerequisite(s): ENG3U$499
FSF4UCore FrenchUniversityPrerequisite(s): FSF3U$499
HZT4UPhilosophy: Questions and TheoriesUniversityPrerequisite(s): 1$499
MCT4CMathematics for College TechnologyCollegePrerequisite(s): MCR3U / MCF3M$499
MCV4UCalculus and VectorsUniversityPrerequisite(s): MCR3U

MDM4UMathematics of Data ManagementUniversityPrerequisite(s): MCR3U / MCF3M

MHF4UAdvanced FunctionsUniversityPrerequisite(s): MCR3U
SBI4UBiologyUniversityPrerequisite(s): SBI3U

SCH4CChemistryCollegePrerequisite(s): SNC2D / SNC2P$499
SCH4UChemistryUniversityPrerequisite(s): SCH3U

SPH4CPhysicsCollegePrerequisite(s): SNC2D / SNC2P

SPH4UPhysicsUniversityPrerequisite(s): SPH3U


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