Strengthen Your Learning with OVS this Summer!

With the disruptions faced in the latter half of the 2019-2020 school year, many students and families may feel less comfortable than usual with the material covered during this period. While schools have done their best to adjust to online learning, the sudden transition has been a rocky one at times. To help students strengthen their learning and increase their confidence in subjects that may have been disrupted due to COVID-19, Ontario Virtual School is proud to offer our full course complement (over 80 courses!) as 2-week summer upgrades.

Upgrade courses have been a staple at OVS for years, but were typically only available to Grade 12 students in key subjects. For summer 2020 only, we will be offering all of our courses (Grades 9 through 12) with upgrade options for students looking to review and strengthen their knowledge or increase their marks in courses completed this past semester. Students will be eligible to complete these courses is as little as 2 weeks, but can take as much time as they need to succeed (up to 1 full year). To take advantage of this opportunity, simply register for any course you’ve completed previously and mention “Summer Upgrade” in the notes section. Sign up before July 1st using the code “upgrade2020” to save $50!

In addition to the 2-week upgrade options, our standard 3-week summer school is also open for students looking to earn one or more new credits over the summer! With our flexible, self-paced model, you can complete a credit in as little as 3 weeks, or extend your learning into the fall, if necessary. With continuous enrollment and fully-online course content accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, register for courses throughout the summer* and complete them whenever and wherever you choose!

At OVS, our flexible summer school options are just one of the many reasons students choose to complete credits with us. There are many benefits to summer school, whether you’re looking to get ahead by taking courses early or get back on track with credit recovery or knowledge strengthening. With our self-paced model, there’s no better option to make the most of your summer!

*Our standard 4-week completion requirement resumes for students registering after August 15th, so register early to take advantage of fast-track options!