January 2021 Newsletter

Happy New Year from OVS!

We hope you used the holidays to enjoy a well-earned break and that you’re ready to buckle down and make 2021 a year of positive progress and personal growth! We know we are! OVS has lots of exciting things in store for 2021, and we can’t wait to share them all with you. Keep an eye on our newsletters and social media for announcements throughout the coming months.

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Your Thought Just Landed Here… Focusing on Your Mental Health

This month, we’re helping you say goodbye to your procrastinating ways, in the name of better mental health and more things crossed off your resolutions list! Here’s a sneak peak of Cheryl Millett’s latest blog, “Pushing Past Procrastination”.

As a concept, we understand procrastination. It is the putting off until tomorrow mentality that takes over when we believe that further along our current path is something we don’t want to confront or do. What we need to do is determine the reason behind our individual decision to procrastinate.

For some, it is a fear of reaching the finish line; for others, it can be chalked up to a lack of motivation. Still others procrastinate as a result of self-doubt: they don’t believe in their ability to complete the task at hand, or don’t see themselves as worthy of doing, believing it a task better suited to someone else.

Ultimately, whatever the reason, procrastination always results in the same thing. Task A remains unfinished. Typically, Task B will the pile on top of Task A, and so on and so forth, until feelings of anxiety or panic set in and force our hand. But why wait for this negativity to spur you onwards? How can we take charge of our tendency to procrastinate and squash it before it kicks in?