Maame Crentsil


Maame Crentsil graduated with an OSSD from OVS while studying in Accra, Ghana. She was focused on a science pathway, completing Grade 12 Chemistry (SCH4U), Biology (SBI4U), and Physics (SPH4U). She also completed Grade 12 Advanced Functions (MHF4U), Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U) and Grade 12 English (ENG4U). She achieved high scores in all of her subjects.

We asked Maame a few questions about her experience with OVS.


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Why did you decide to take courses at OVS?

I chose OVS for these courses because it provided me with a flexible schedule that allowed me to carry out my normal activities while completing my school work. The teachers and counselors are very helpful, the courses are positively challenging while still being understandable and well-organized, the administration and teachers are quick to respond, teachers provide feedback on every piece of work completed with the goal of assisting you in improving yourself, and the school website is simple to navigate. Also, OVS offers a wide range of courses you can choose from.


How has OVS prepared you for post-secondary?

With each course you take at OVS, you get a taste of what to expect in post-secondary education. It also taught me how to work independently and manage my time well. I likewise learned how to properly cite sources for every subject, which is a crucial skill to adapt for post-secondary education. I additionally learned how to take notes during lectures. Finally, I learned how to write and read effectively for my future studies and research projects.


What were your favorite parts of learning with OVS?

The highlights of learning with OVS, personally, were the wonderful group of polite teachers and counselors who were always willing to assist with any issues, even if you were located millions of miles away. As a student who completed numerous science courses through OVS, I appreciated the virtual labs that brought to life the concepts covered in courses like SBI4U, SCH4U, and SPH4U.



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How did your experience taking courses with OVS compare to your day school?

OVS offers a flexible schedule, the chance to avoid issues like bullying and negative peer pressure, there are no distractions during classes because the courses are taught using videos, and breaks can be taken whenever you like. In comparison, I would say that attending OVS is by far a better option than attending a day school.


What advice would you share with students looking to take courses online?

Go for it! This is your opportunity to take more control of your academics and move at a pace that suits you. Most importantly, OVS is the best choice.


“OVS will help you reach your full potential in your pursuit of excellence.”