Lauren Kohler

Lauren Kohler


Lauren Kohler is a part-time student with OVS, who completed Grade 11 Biology SBI3U and is currently taking Grade 12 Biology SBI4U.

She decided to take Biology with OVS because she wasn’t able to take it with her regular day school. Many of the university programs she was looking at required her to have at least two science courses (2 of Chemistry, Biology or Physics). Since her day school didn’t allow her to take more than one science course at time, she decided to sign up with OVS and complete the extra course over the summer.

We asked Lauren a few questions about her experience with OVS:


How has OVS prepared you for post-secondary?

OVS allowed me to work independently, which was helpful for many reasons. It taught me how to independently learn and figure things out using several resources, which is helpful for post-secondary as it’s a crucial life skill to be independent. OVS being asynchronous also taught me how to create my own schedule and learn to not procrastinate. I learned to get things done as soon as possible, but also ensure that I take breaks when necessary.              


What were your favorite parts of learning with OVS?

My favourite part about learning with OVS were how fast the teachers marked assignments and responded to emails, and how I was able to work at my own pace. The teachers marked quite fairly and if I ever had a question, I was never concerned about not receiving a response in time, and when preparing for tests I knew I could always rely on the practice tests as well as the answer keys to check my answers later.           


How did your experience taking courses with OVS compare to your day school?

My experience with OVS was really different in comparison with my day school routine. I was able to work at my own pace, meaning I didn’t feel rushed to complete certain assignments by certain deadlines, and if I was confused about anything specific, I knew I could always rewatch the lessons. I was also able to pause the lesson whenever I felt the need, as opposed to day school where I was constantly rushing to take notes for each lesson and would need to schedule meetings if I was confused. OVS didn’t allow for me to raise my hand and cut in to ask questions during a lesson right away, however the teachers were always there for support when needed.

Working asynchronously during the summertime also allowed to me to work a summer job. I would work my 9-5 during the day and would work on my assignments and lessons when I got home and on weekends. It was a busy schedule, but it allowed me to accomplish a lot this summer.


What advice would you share with students looking to take courses online?

I would advise others to lay out a planned schedule when first starting the course, with when they are planning on completing assignments and tests. Ensure that you do a few lessons each day as opposed to cramming everything in at the last minute.

I would also suggest taking key notes for each lesson. You don’t need to take excessive notes, but just make sure you write down what’s important to remember and so you can refer to it later on if needed.


Lauren is currently in Grade 12 studying in an International Baccalaureate Program. We wish Lauren the best of luck with all her future academics and are very happy to be a part of her educational journey.