Gabriella Barbi Lima Grisolia

OVS: Where Moving Cross-Country Won’t Interrupt Your Studies

Gabriela Barbi Lima Grisolia is a Grade 12 student currently completing her final year of high school. With her sights set on a career in the healthcare field, Gabriela knows she needs strong grades this year, particularly in key courses like Biology. To help her master her skills in these fields and earn the competitive grades required for acceptance at her preferred programs, Gabriela chose to enroll with Ontario Virtual School.

When she first registered, Gabriela was living in Manitoba. Since starting with OVS, she moved across the country to Prince Edward Island, where she will be attending Holland College in the Fall. Thankfully, with OVS’s fully online programming, this cross-country move did not interrupt her learning, despite taking place in the middle of her studies.

As she is now approaching graduation, we asked Gabriela about her experiences with OVS. Here’s what she had to say…

What courses did you take or are you currently taking with OVS?

I have already completed SBI3U (Grade 11 Biology) and ENG4U (Grade 11 English), and am currently working on SBI4U (Grade 12 Biology).

What drew you to online learning?

I had to upgrade my grades and, after researching, I found in OVS the flexibility that I was looking for, combined with a well-organized structure.

Why did you choose to take your courses with OVS?

As I am pursuing a career in health, OVS gave me the opportunity to compete with other prospective students and be confident that I really learned the content to apply in my future studies.

What have been your favourite parts of learning online through OVS?

At OVS, I could organize my own schedule to study at my pace. My favourite parts were to watch the educational and well-selected videos and lab assignments in Biology. In English, it was having the opportunity to read new literature. It is totally different. There are no distractions that compromise the learning process, and there is no pressure to follow a timetable.

What advice would you give to prospective OVS students?

You must be very responsible and organized. The course is excellent, but you have to do your part. Do not think that online courses are easier than traditional [in-person] classes.