Camille Marcoux

Ontario Virtual School is a popular alternative to standard educational models for elite young athletes. Camille Marcoux is one example of a promising young hockey prospect who decided to enroll with OVS so that he could earn his academic education without compromising on his athletic practice. With typical day schools, daily practices or frequent road trips or tournaments conflict with their ability to attend in-person classes on a regular schedule.

However, when Camille Marcoux enrolled with OVS, he found that he could take the online classes whenever and wherever he wanted, meaning he no longer had to choose between athletics and academics. Thanks to OVS’s fully online format, Camille can complete his studies from his home in Labrador, or from anywhere his hockey training takes him!

Camille was recommended to OVS by Northern Pre-University, an academy that specializes in helping young athletes balance their training with their schooling, and has partnered with Ontario Virtual School to do so. Since starting with OVS, Camille has completed Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors, and is currently reaching back to complete Grade 11 Chemistry and Grade 11 Biology. Camille has said that he appreciates the ability “to work on your own time but to still be efficient.”

“It’s easy to understand and you can go at your own pace. It is much easier and more relaxed, and there is less pressure to get things done right away. It’s all done on your own time.”

When we asked Camille if he had any advice to give to people who may be considering online learning, he asked us to pass along the following message:

“It’s definitely a good idea to join OVS and at least take a few courses, especially if you want to bump up your marks. It’s a great learning program and easy to do.”

Camille is now finding success not just as a student, but as a hockey player as well. Here at OVS, we will be following his career with great interest, and wish him the best of luck!