Akhnoor Sangha

There are many reasons why students choose to enroll with Ontario Virtual School. For Akhnoor Sangha, who started high school in 2019 at the age of 15, a year later than most students, she was searching for a school that would allow her to fast-track her studies. With OVS’s flexible model, Akhnoor was able to do just this!

Fresh off of completing her final batch of courses required for the OSSD, we asked Akhnoor to share a bit about her experience as a full-time student with OVS. Here’s what she had to say.

Why did you decide to complete your OSSD through OVS?

I decided to complete my OSSD through OVS because I could finish school at a flexible pace. I liked how I could go through a lesson as many times as I wanted and complete my assignments in the time I wanted. OVS fulfilled my needs.

As a full-time student, how many courses did you prefer to work on at a time?

I enjoyed the freedom and the flexibility to study any of my courses at any time. Personally, I liked to focus on a few courses at a time to finish the course quickly and to ensure focus on each course wisely. I find that doing too many courses at once can overwhelm your brain.

How did you maintain balance between your academic, social, and extra-curricular pursuits?

I made sure I had enough time to focus on various extracurricular activities such as dance and karate, as well as my beautician courses. I also made time to socialize with my friends and family all while balancing my academic period. I did this by consistently focusing on my schedule every day.

What were your favourite parts of learning with OVS?

The feedback they gave me at the end of the assignments was extremely helpful. It helped me to figure out the teacher’s expectations of my work, and it drastically improved the quality of my assignments. Also, the staff! They were welcoming and friendly. My guidance counsellor was really helpful and helped me every bit of the way.

What aspect of the OVS model stood out to you the most?

The course discussions. They allowed me to understand the perspectives¬¬ of other OVS students. They also allowed others to provide feedback on my own work.

How did your OVS experience compare to your previous day school experience?

OVS staff is so welcoming; they had a huge impact on my study decisions. When I was in day school, my marks were average and when I came to OVS my marks changed drastically. I also suffered no bullying and had the time to do other things in my life that never seemed a priority to me but now do. I am glad that I chose OVS rather then sticking with a day school.

What advice would you share with students looking to take course online?
    1. Take a few courses at a time so you can focus all you want on those courses. Schedule your day wisely and give time to yourself as well.
    2. Take as many notes as possible because they will help you in preparing for a test and the exam.
    3. Don’t take thing too lightly because the exams are often challenging.
    4. If you don’t understand a topic, feel free to email your teachers because they will mostly help you with anything. Make sure you have a great grade and if not, focus hard on parts where you lack and improve on them.
    5. Last and most important: keep going and you can do this!
What are your academic/professional intentions in the near future?

I am mostly likely going to pursue my career in business as a full-time real estate agent. I will be applying to York University and Guelph-Humber University because of the great business curriculum and teaching faculty there. Also, I am currently working in Bella Beauty Academy and hope, by the end of 2023, to be a licensed beautician as well.

Anything else you would like to add?

I am happy a school like OVS came into my life and helped me become the person I am today. I am honoured to have been their student for my high school experience. THANK YOU OVS!!!