Midterm Collection #2

It’s that time again!

Are you applying to university this year? Then you should be well aware that OUAC’s second collection period for midterms is happening right now! OUAC will be collecting midterm marks until February 11th, so we are asking all students to submit their report requests in advance to ensure everything runs smoothly. Check your course homepage for more details.

Already had your midterm processed, but forgot to have it sent to OUAC? Simply email [email protected] and we’ll have it updated in a jiff! Want universities to know you’re taking the course? Email us to have your enrollment submitted for all to see!

Remember, in order for us to add any marks or enrollment to your OUAC profile, you need to first add “Ontario Virtual School” as an alternate school in the “Academic Information” section of your OUAC account. This blog will show you how!

Don’t think you’ll make it to the midterm point in time for this collection? Not to worry, the third (and final) collection period will run from March 15th until April 22nd. Alternatively, finals and enrollment can be updated at any time. Connect with our office if you have questions about the best option for your timeframe!