Sunny Sang - Regional C0-Director of OVS China

China Director Sunny Sang

Sunny Sang is one of our international partners, working with students in China. She is currently overseeing 600+ students in our program, with more enrolling every day. As one of our prominent and well-established partners, we thought it would be nice for our students and parents to get to know Sunny a little better. 

For China students seeking to inquire about registration with OVS, please contact [email protected] directly.

Where are you from and where did you grow up?

I am from mainland China. My hometown is in the very North-East part of China.

When did you realize you wanted to become a teacher?

I liked to play pretend teacher and teach my classmates when I was in primary school. After graduation, I chose to be a teacher without any hesitation.

Where did you go for post-secondary and your teaching degree? What did you study?

I gained my Master of Science from Peking University, which is the No. 1 University in China. My major was Radio-Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

How long have you been teaching in total? How long have you taught with OVS?

I was teaching in China for 6 years. I have been the Director for Greater China Region with OVS for 2 years.

Do you prefer teaching online or in a classroom? How do they compare?

I was teaching in a classroom previously. I am also very comfortable teaching online, as I have been doing during COVID-19.

What is your favourite part of being a teacher?

I love that I can help students to reach their potential, and help parents to relieve anxiety.

What are some of your favourite pastimes, aside from teaching?

I like traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting. I also enjoy reading and writing poetry in Chinese. I am good at designing and decorating my home.