Know Your Teacher: A Spotlight on Ms. Leitch

Summer Leitch Teacher Spotlight Feature

Summer Leitch teaches our Healthy Active Living (PPL1O) and our Grade 12 Drama (ADA4M) courses. Her desire to be a teacher came from her great experiences in school and that she had so many awesome teachers to look up to. We asked Ms. Leitch a few questions so that her students could get to know their teacher a little better.

Where are you from and where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town near Newmarket. After university, I lived in London for about 15 years, and now I live in Toronto

How long have you been teaching in total? How long have you taught with OVS?

I started my teaching career in 2003. My work designing courses and teaching at OVS began in 2019.

Where did you go for post-secondary and your teaching degree? What did you study/specialize in?

I earned an Honours degree in Kinesiology, as well as my degree in Education, from Western University.

Do you prefer teaching online or in a classroom? Why? How do they compare?

I actually love teaching in person and online. I really enjoy the types of relationships that are developed through every day face-to-face connections. On the other hand, I also love the diversity of experiences that my online students offer. It’s really cool to be able to support students from all over the world, and to discover all the different reasons and circumstances they have for choosing remote learning. 

What is your favourite part of being a teacher? What about this career do you find rewarding?

I feel so lucky to have found myself in the career that I was meant to do. I love teaching and can’t imagine doing anything else. The best part for me is seeing my students learn and grow, and having the opportunity to learn alongside them. I love hearing about what my students are up to later in life.

What are some of your favourite pastimes, aside from teaching?

I love learning about fitness and nutrition and I try my best to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I love animals, gardening, and the beach. I also love travelling and exploring cultures around the world, but the pandemic has made that difficult over the last couple years. The next adventure on my list is Argentina.

Summer Leitch Waterfall

If you couldn’t be a teacher, what career would you most like to have?

I absolutely love being a teacher, but I think I also would have enjoyed being a journalist or a veterinarian.

What is your favourite song? Artist? Genre?

I love the classics … F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Orwell, Louisa May Alcott, but my all-time favourite author is Hemingway.

Any other information or fun fact you would like to share?

I have taught in 8 different countries and visited more than 40.

Summer Leitch Classroom

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with your OVS students?

Manage your time wisely!! It’s easy to put things off until “later,” but if you stick to a schedule, you will have plenty of time to complete your course, and you will avoid the stress caused by rushing.