Finals Season: Which Group Am I?

During finals season, every OVS student falls into one of three groups. Keep reading to figure out which one you are!

Group 1: Anticipated June graduates using an OVS course as one of their required 30 credits.

You are Group 1 if the following statement applies to you:

  • I am graduating in June, and I need this course with OVS to graduate.
  • Group 2: Students who only need their OVS course mark sent to OUAC/OCAS

    You are Group 2 if any one of the following statements applies to you:

  • I have all the credits I need to graduate, but I need one of my OVS marks sent to OUAC or OCAS to secure my offer.
  • I have already passed this credit with my day school, but I am upgrading my mark with OVS for university/college.
  • I have already graduated, but I need one of my OVS marks sent to OUAC or OCAS.
  • I will be graduating with OVS, but I need my marks sent to OUAC or OCAS for September admission.
  • Group 3: None of the above applies

    You can be sure you are a Group 3 student if any of the below statements apply to you:

  • I am a Grade 9, 10, or 11 student.
  • I am not applying for post-secondary admissions this September.
  • I am a 105 applicant who has had different deadlines outlined for me by the institution(s) I applied to.

  • Once you know which group you fall into, simply follow the corresponding deadlines listed on your OVS course homepages!

    Still unsure? Contact our office!