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ENG4U - Grade 12 English
Santini S image
Santini S

I just finished my grade 12 English course and it was awesome!! Very easy to understand and to get around the course. My teacher Mr. Ford was awesome and was very easy to reach out to and always put me on the right path to always achieve the best mark possible.

MCV4U - Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors
Elsabagh E image
Elsabagh E

I took MCV4U from the Ontario Virtual School, and it was a very good experience. It was very easy to register for the course online, and you are able to start the course within a week after you’ve registered! There were no extra fees after...

MDM4U - Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management
Vultao V image
Vultao V

I needed to complete MDM4U in order to get accepted into a university program I was apply to. Math is not a subject that I am comfortable with and now I was faced with needing to get the credit if I wanted to get accepted...

Guidance Counsellors To Help With Your Success

Access our free guidance counselor service to help you thrive and improve your academic performance.

Improving Your Learning And Academic Scores

Innovative Educators

OVS teachers are highly responsive and provide right on time effective feedback to improve your performance. All OVS teachers are Ontario certified

Innovative Student Success Technologies

We have curated the best student success innovations from around the world and integrated them into our highly successful teaching system to enhance learning and improve performance.

Ontario Ministry Of Education inspected

OVS is inspected by the Ministry of Education and is certified to grant OSSD credits internationally and in Canada.

Innovative Teachers, Mixed Reality And Simulations To Improve Your Learning And Academic Scores

According to a study done by Published in The Canadian Medical Association Journal, using Augmented Reality and simulations increases learning by up to 20% in science related topics.

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Improving your Math scores with OCT Teachers, Machine Learning and AI

We use A.I tutors in Math, and test preparation. The platforms were created specifically to enhance student learning and assist teachers in providing rapid feedback to increase your success. In math the AI assistant helps by showing the steps for word problems and algorithms on demand.

Evidenced based neuroscience and AI Assistants To Enhance Learning and Exam Prep

We use evidence based neuroscience techniques and AI Assistants to augment learning and test performance.

Google Reviews

MHF4U - Grade 12 Advanced Functions
Shaltaf S image
Shaltaf S

I took grade 12 advanced functions at Ontario Virtual School. The website was easily accessible and navigating around it was simple as well. The teachers reply fairly quickly to any questions or concerns. The tests were very similar to the practice questions and the lessons...

SCH4U - Grade 12 Chemistry
Vogel V image
Vogel V

I had a great experience. I took the SCH4U class and the teacher was great. He was always able to answers my questions and all responses and marks were done in a timely matter. I liked being able to work at my own pace as well.

BBB4M - Grade 12 International Business Fundamentals
Awad A image
Awad A

So far it’s an perfect online education because the way it provides certified teachers and the work you do isn’t that much as others do and also it gives you the access to improve your grades and upgrade also a course if you’ve failed it....