OVS Experience


The OVS experience

Once a student registers, they are immediately sent an email from the teacher welcoming them to the course. The student will be able to access the lessons online at any time of the day, any time of the year. Each lesson is a video of a PowerPoint presentation that is fully narrated by the teacher. There are animations, videos, simulations, etc embedded throughout to keep the lessons appealing and engaging. Most lessons also have a formative quiz and homework that the student may complete to help prepare for the unit summative. At any point, students may contact their teacher for support. Once the student has completed the lessons, the unit summative can be completed. This may be in the form of an assignment, an essay, a project, a video presentation, a test, etc. All of these can be downloaded from the website, completed and emailed back to the teacher. Students will progress this way for subsequent units until they are ready for the final exam which is written with a proctor. It is important to note that OVS proudly uses a variety of assessment and evaluations which show that our diverse learners can demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.


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