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Do Students Get Better Marks Online?

Many people – students, parents, and teaching staff alike – believe that taking a course online is a sure-fire path to an “easy mark”. This idea is highly misleading and has become damaging to the overall perception of academic integrity within the field of e-learning.

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5 Reasons You Should Consider Online Learning

Online schooling is very different from traditional schooling, so we understand if you’re a little hesitant in making the switch! However, if you do decide to test-drive online learning with us, you can rest easy knowing that our students love the online learning environment we

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Virtual Schooling – The Future of Education

Is virtual schooling the future trend of schooling and will it change the face of education for future generations? Online schooling has become increasingly popular over the last decade and is quickly becoming one of the key options available to students. Students can sign up

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5 Real-World Skills e-Learning Teaches You

As we’ve noted before, skills are the bread and butter of resume building – the more you have, the better your odds of success become. And, while field-specific skills are important, employers also place great value on ‘real-world’ soft skills, which are far more difficult

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OUAC/OCAS Info and Deadlines

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OUAC Applications 2019

REMINDER: The OUAC January 16, 2019 101 Application Deadline is fast approaching. Be sure to get your application submitted early to avoid chaos after the holidays! Up Coming: January 21st – First Semester finals and Full Year midterm collection begins!   Have a joyous and

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OUAC & OCAS Final Deadlines

OVS Registration Deadlines; June 5th to be eligible to have finals submitted. June 19th to be eligible to have a midterm submitted. Aug 9th for summer school courses to be submitted. These deadlines are specific to students who require courses for  September 2018 OUAC, OCAS

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July Newsletter

Check out this month’s newsletter for more information on our summer school offerings, including discount codes!

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June Newsletter

Check out this month’s newsletter to learn more about our summer school offerings and how you can get in on our awesome grad giveaway!

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