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As Principal of Ontario Virtual School (OVS), I cannot tell you how proud I am to work with a team of experienced teachers who are all committed to providing a thriving educational environment that supports all learners, maintains high expectations for all, and strives to develop caring, compassionate global citizens.

OVS has been operating for several years now and our vision remains the same:

“To empower all learners, through the use of technology so that they can experience academic success”

We aim to propel students to achieve their highest academic potential at their own pace which supports their specific learning style and needs.

The inspiration behind launching OVS originates from recognizing that there was a need for an online school that could better meet the needs of students in Ontario. For example, students who cannot attend classes on a regular basis due to personal/family reasons, health/emotional reasons, athletic commitments or full time jobs can still reap the benefits of a learning experience. Ontario Virtual School also assists students with upgrading their marks in challenging courses in order to improve their understanding and increase their chances of gaining acceptance into competitive post-secondary programs.

Knowing that we are able to serve our community in supporting their academic goals; whether it is to go to a post-secondary institution, go into a trade or apprenticeship, join the workforce or simply graduate from high school, is a very rewarding feeling.

Thank you for exploring our website and its various links to learn more about our school. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.


Mr. Sunny Bhogal
  Principal, Ontario Virtual School
principal @



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