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OVS Registration Deadlines;

June 5th to be eligible to have finals submitted.

June 19th to be eligible to have a midterm submitted.

Aug 9th for summer school courses to be submitted.

These deadlines are specific to students who require courses forĀ  September 2018 OUAC, OCAS or Post-Secondary applications.

We ask that students are mindful of these timelines, as we do not want students to have any university or college application delays.

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REMINDER: April 9, 2018 is the final day to register and be eligible for OUAC midterm submissions.

We can still process and submit midterms after this date, however there is no guarantee that OUAC can process them in time.

Please be advised the OUAC midterm collection deadline is fast approaching!

Students should aim to have all of their work submitted by early / mid April. Teachers will provide an exact date, by which they require all finalized course work, in order to guarantee that midterms will be submitted to OUAC on time.

We ask that you follow the timelines as we do not want anyone to miss out on getting their marks submitted.

Thank you and kindest regards

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