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  • “I like how we can re-read the lessons, the notes, and redo the tests.” – Christina G (Student)
  • “I like the fact that we are able to take this course at our own pace” – Ramenthy S. (Student)
  • “I liked how slideshows are very detailed and the teachers are alwaysanswering any questions, it really helped me understand the material and do well in the course” – Dilvir D (Student)
  • “Having control over when I complete assignments and tests is probably the best part of the program. Now school can revolve around my schedule, not the other way around!” – Alyzeh (Student)
  • “Finally a student centered program that is designed to cater around the learners’ schedule rather than the timelines of the school board” – S. Jamal (Parent)
  • “This program saved my vacation, my family and I were able to go away for a couple of weeks during the summer and my son was able to take a course he desperately needed right from the cottage.” – Betty L.
  • My first choice was to do my undergraduate study in Canada; in grade 12 I was studying in Punjab, India in the C.B.S.E Board’s medical stream. When I realized that I have to complete a grade 12 math course in order to receive admission in a B.Sc. program at a Canadian university. This was a difficult predicament for me, either I had to study one more year to complete the Grade 12 math course or I had to forget about studying at a Canadian university. Then one of the university advisers showed me the path; Ontario Virtual School. Now, I have completed my Math requirements through Ontario Virtual School. In the end, I was accepted to all of the universities i applied to in Ontario in same year. Manreet B. (Student)

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